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[Event held on May 5] "Initial response and legal measures in the event of trade secret leaks" by retirees taking out information ~Interdepartmental collaboration and digital forensics~

June 2023, 5

[Online seminar co-sponsored by Hokuto Sogo Law Office / FRONTEO]

With the increasing mobility of employment, an increasing number of companies are suffering huge losses when key personnel take out trade secrets when they retire and use them at rival companies.However, since trade secrets are taken out in secret, there are probably many companies that have given up on taking legal action because they cannot secure sufficient evidence even if they have suffered damage. .Also, have you given up from the beginning because it is difficult to take legal action against cases where trade secrets are taken out?
In this seminar, we invited Kyosuke Kaneko, a lawyer who has experience acting as an agent for a victim company, to lecture on a case in which trade secrets were taken out of the country and a prison sentence was given, and trade secrets were discovered to have been taken out. We will tell you what to do when you do.

◆Details and applicationClick here for the guidelines.

【Webinar Summary】

◆ Date and time: Friday, September 2023, 5 26: 10-00: 13
◆ Format: Free seminar (held on-site)
◆ Capacity: 70
◆Venue: Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa 4F (402N)
 108-0075-1 Alea Shinagawa, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 9-36 *2 minutes on foot from JR Shinagawa Station Konan Exit (East Exit)

◆ Speaker:
Hokuto Sogo Law Office Partner Lawyer Kyousuke Kaneko 


March 19: Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law
March 22: Graduated from Keio University Law School
December 24: Joined Axis Law Office (Kyoto Bar Association)
March 4: Joined Hokuto Sogo Law Office (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)

[Main fields of business]
Personnel labor (especially harassment, mentally ill people, personnel system changes, DD, PMI)
Infringement of trade secrets, violation of non-competition obligations
Controlling disputes of family companies, business succession/inheritance
Business Dispute, Litigation


FRONTEO Co., Ltd. LegalTechAI Business Headquarters Advanced Information Analysis Team Manager Makoto Furuta


After joining FRONTEO in September 2012, he was in charge of data assessment, business consulting, system design, and introduction to improve operational efficiency and added value through the introduction of AI, and introduced AI in various industries such as banking, insurance, credit cards, and manufacturing. Oversight.
Investigation support for quality fraud investigations, fraudulent accounting, information leaks, etc. of Japanese companies using AI and forensics, and many solutions using AI for evidence disclosure (e-discovery) in international litigation.

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