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Bright! FRONTEO Official Blog

Mr. Masked Analyze, who is attracting attention in the AI ​​industry, has come to FRONTEO!

Nov. 2019, 10
Corporate Communication Team

Posing at CTO Takeda and the laboratory.Takeda "Are you masked while you're on the move?" Masked "High!"

Masked Analyze, a mysterious mask man who tells the "truth" of AI, is a visit to FRONTEO!

Masked Analyze is on the internet mediaSerial,Book publishing, He has been active on the stage at AI events, etc., and while disseminating the current state of AI with strict eyes and affection, he is giving lectures on AI and data analysis, how to use it in business, etc.

In addition to the development and provision of the AI ​​engines "KIBIT" and "Concept Encoder", FRONTEO is utilized in business operations at companies, etc., and is working daily to solve problems.On the day of the visit, members of FRONTEO's Development Department, Institute of Behavioral Information Science, and members of AI BizDevOps Lab., Which is at the forefront of AI implementation, interacted with Masked Analyze, and issues and changes related to AI introduction. We were able to discuss the situation and future opportunities and gain new insights from each other.

At BizDevOps Lab. With team members

I hope to continue working with Masked Analyze to advance the AI ​​industry and solve problems in the world! 

I also posted it on Twitter!

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