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FRONTEO CTO Takeda participates in the installation event by Takeunsai Tanabe

Corporate Communication Team

FRONTEO CTO Takeda participated in the talk event "Tanabe Takeunsai Installation" held at the head office of Tanseisha Co., Ltd. on September 2019, 9 (Friday) as an art collector.Takeda talked about the possibilities of technology and art at this event, which also introduced Tanseisha's "B-OWND" (Note 13), which aims to connect artists, collectors, and media in a virtual space. ..

The venue will be decorated with a lively installation using tiger bamboo, created by Mr. Takeunsai Tanabe (far right), and Tokyo is ahead of the eyes of famous curators and art collectors in Japan and overseas. Director Akimoto of the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts (second from left), CTO Takeda of FRONTEO (third from left), and Takeunsai Tanabe, the fourth generation, sit down and exhibit, own, and produce art works. From a perspective, he talked about how to interact with art and what to expect from the latest technology, especially the distribution of works that utilize blockchain.

Takeda, who has a shakuhachi craftsman as his father and says that he has been familiar with bamboo since he was a child, said that "the moment of sharing the story of the work is the real pleasure of the collector" and "the medium of value". I talked about the way art works should be.In addition, blockchain is likened to the process from the dawn of the Internet to the present, "The Internet, which we did not know how much it could be used when it first appeared, is now very important as an open and open network. It's a tool. Blockchain is also an open and cheap credit guarantee system, I'm looking forward to seeing how widespread it will be, and when I actually buy a work, I will explain it to the gallery. I'm using it as a reference, so if you include this kind of information together, you'll be able to see the story of the work. "

In the talk event, when purchasing a work, there were many people who actually saw the work in the past, but recently it has been heard that the number of people who purchase by looking at the digital catalog is increasing. (At the exhibition held in the United States the other day, 9% of the purchasers purchased from the e-catalog).It seems to be a very high percentage, but he says that the credibility of the gallery he handles (the credibility of the gallery's philosophy, work collection technology, etc.) is essential.The combination of a trusted gallery and trusted technology makes it possible to reach a wider audience.

At FRONTEO, one of our corporate philosophies is to create and inherit a "culture that continues to shine over time."At this event, FRONTEO will also create new value from the point of contact between technology and culture, just as contemporary artists will shape the art and craft techniques that their predecessors have connected into their works. I will work on it.

Note 1: What is B-OWND? 
B-OWND is a new platform that utilizes blockchain to sell and distribute art works created by Japanese traditional craft techniques to the world.By introducing a digital work certificate based on the blockchain, the authenticity of the work, the value creation by the mutual influence of the primary distribution and the secondary distribution, and the authenticity of the work in the art market where the past owner history is important. It enables you to buy and sell works through e-commerce while guaranteeing added value.By forming a new distribution network for collectors in Japan and overseas, the recognition and dissemination of art works created by traditional Japanese techniques and the expansion of the market, the succession of technology, the development of cultural leaders, and Japanese culture・ Contribute to the promotion of art and regional revitalization.

(Photo courtesy of:Danseisha

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