Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 Plus Forensic Enterprise

Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 Plus Forensic EnterpriseICS

Evolved next-generation multifunctional evidence preservation tool

The supported interfaces have been increased and the processing performance has been improved without impairing the functions installed in the conventional Solo-4 Forensic.

It is a next-generation multifunctional evidence preservation tool that can be easily operated with a touch panel and has all the functions necessary for evidence preservation.


  • All the basic data acquisition functions required for forensic surveys are included, and it is possible to respond immediately at survey sites where various situations are expected.
  • The OS is equipped with Windows® operating system.By installing the evidence analysis software, you can easily analyze the acquired data on the spot.
  • The CPU is equipped with a 4th generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor.Demonstrates excellent performance for high-load processing and multitasking.
  • It also supports USB3.0 and IEEE1394 (FireWire) interfaces, which were previously only available as options, as standard. It also supports SATA 6Gb / s (SATA3.0), realizing high-speed data transfer (maximum 32GB / min) with various interfaces.
  • Supports SAS / eSATA as standard.By using an optional adapter or media card reader, it is compatible with IDE (1.8 inch / 2.5 inch / ZIF) and various memory devices.One-to-one parallel copy at the copy source and copy destination, and cross copy such as IDE → SATA are also possible.
  • Since the peripheral device is an expandable type, it can also be used with SCSI and Fiber Channel interface devices using the Expansion Box (* see options).
  • By using the LinkMASSter Option CD (* see option), you can quickly acquire data via the network even in situations where it is difficult to remove the HDD from the PC.
  • Evidence The copy source port is set to write protection to avoid writing trouble to the device.
  • Hash value is generated while copying. (Compare verify is also possible)
  • It supports not only 100% physical copying, but also copying with non-writing forensic images.
    LinuxDD image format
    Acquires the recorded information of the copy source as an image file in a safe state.
    EnCase (E01) image format
    In addition to the functions equivalent to LinuxDD, it is possible to compress the acquired data.
  • We have introduced a new Operation that copies from one copy source to two devices using different copy methods (LinuxDD copy or E1 copy & 2% physical copy).

Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 HDD connection image 

 Image MASSter Solo-4 G3 operation screen

Product Info

Main functions (operations)

  • 100% physical copy (Single Capture)
  • LinuxDD copy / LinuxDD restore / LinuxDD hash verification
  • E01 copy / E01 restore
  • LinuxDD copy & 100% physical copy / E01 copy & 100% physical copy
    → Two types of data can be duplicated at once from one copy source.
  • Drive hash value calculation (CRC32 / MD5 / SHA-1 / SHA-256)
  • Drive format (exFAT / NTFS)
  • Data erasure (user overwrite count / pattern specification / DoD / Secure Erase)
    * E01 operation is also compatible with Ex01.

Other functions

  • View / write data in the drive with Volume Mount
  • HPA / DCO area handling, clipping at specified capacity
  • Encryption / decryption of acquired data
  • Parallel operation of multiple operations

Log information

  • Operation log (detailed HDD information, operation details, etc.)
  • Audit trail (investigator name, project name, maintenance location, etc.)
  • Hash value of copy source / destination

Product Specifications

  • Power supply 100 – 240V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption 9W
  • Operating temperature 5 to 55 ° C
  • Operating humidity 20% -60% * No condensation
  • Body weight about 2.1kg
  • Body dimensions approx. 270 mm x approx. 98 mm x 194 mm
  • Maximum transfer speed 32GB / min
  • Supported interfaces
    SAS / SATA
    4 ports (copy source: 2 ports, copy destination: 2 ports)
    6 ports (copy source: 2 ports, copy destination: 2 ports, others: 2 ports)
    2 port
    3 ports (1394a: 1 port, 1394b: 2 ports)
    Gigabit Ethernet
    2 port
    • The IDE can be supported by using the included conversion adapter (3.5 inch x 1, 2.5 inch x 1).
    • SCSI, microSATA, ZIF, Fiber Channel, and various media cards are also supported as options sold separately.
  • Other interfaces
    • PS / 2 (keyboard / mouse) * Touch panel / software keyboard compatible
    • Display port
    • Audio terminal (microphone / speaker)
    • HDMI
  • Number of simultaneous copies possible: 1: 2, 1: 1 (2 systems available at the same time)
Various ports (copy source)
Various ports (rear)


  • LinkMASSter Option (MAC CD)
  • IDE 1.8 inch adapter
  • ZIF adapter
  • microSATA adapter
  • Expansion Box / SCSI option
  • SCSI Low Voltage SCA-80 Adapter
  • SCSI Wide to SCSI Narrow Adapter
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