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2024.05.22 Press release Obtained a patent in the United States for unique technology that solves natural language processing issues such as LLM 2024.05.21 Press release A list of genes and diseases that are highly similar and related to the medical paper search AI system "KIBIT Amanogawa"... 2024.05.16 Press release OFAC 50% in economic security AI solution "KIBIT Seizu Analysis"... 2024.05.13 Press release FRONTEO, Shionogi & Co., Ltd., and Suzuken collaborate to implement a conversational dementia diagnosis support AI program in society... 2024.05.10 News We will exhibit at "8th AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Spring]" 2024.05.01 News Mitsubishi Electric Corporation listed as an installed user Opens in a new window 2024.04.23 Press release Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking introduces AI solution “KIBIT Eye” 2024.04.08 Press release Established "Novel Targets Library" to introduce target genes with novelty and high potential 2024.04.08 News We will exhibit at "Pharma IT & Digital Health Expo 2024" 2024.04.01 Press release Started independent sales of fall prediction AI system “KIBIT Coroban” 2024.03.28 Press release Released “Takumi KIBIT Zero”, a KIBIT version RAG-equipped AI system that supports the transfer of corporate skills. 2024.03.26 Press release Strengthening CBP response, Uyghur-related watchlist information provided by economic security AI solution KIBIT Se... 2024.03.21 Press release Obtained a patent for a new technology that provides a bird's-eye view and visualization of the supply chain in economic security AI solutions 2024.03.18 Press release Improved highlight function of email/chat audit AI system “KIBIT Eye” 2024.03.14 News Changed the top page message of the corporate site 2024.02.27 Press release FRONTEO and White & Case LLP jointly sponsored seminar "Latest trends in AI and competition law - Global... 2024.02.20 Press release FRONTEO Legal Link Port... A legal platform that connects companies with lawyers and experts. 2024.02.14 Press release FRONTEO and Shionogi & Co. enter into a strategic business partnership agreement regarding the diagnosis support AI program business for dementia and depression... 2024.02.06 Press release Launch of new AI drug discovery support service that analyzes 600 Springer Nature journals 2024.01.29 Media information Diamond Online has an article about FRONTEO's AI solution for detecting harassment... 2024.01.23 Press release Covington & Burling LLP co-hosts seminar with Nozomi Law Offices 2024.01.22 Press release FRONTEO's skill transfer "Takumi KIBIT" introduced at Morinaga & Co. 2024.01.15 Media information FRONTEO's "Corporate Fraud Survey" was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and its electronic edition. 2024.01.11 Press release 2D map generation technology from natural language information such as papers using the AI ​​engine ``KIBIT'' has been specially developed in the United States.