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2023.12.27 Announcements A special CEO discussion with Mr. Hiroya Masuda, Director, Representative Executive Officer and President of Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. has been released. 2023.12.21 Announcements FRONTEO took the stage at a workshop hosted by the University of Tokyo on the occasion of the Norwegian Prime Minister's visit. 2023.12.15 Announcements Announcement of New Year holidays PDF 2023.12.14 Press release Developing a new drug target search method using disease genome analysis 2023.12.13 Press release 25% said ``Fraud has occurred in the past 5 years'', according to a survey on corporate fraud 2023.11.27 Press release Email/chat auditing AI system “KIBIT Eye” receives patent grant 2023.11.21 Press release In economic security AI solutions, we calculate the "degree of impact" on supply chains, etc. from a variety of perspectives... 2023.11.20 Press release Patent for technology that fuses multiple corpora while maintaining the characteristics of a specific corpus in distributed representation for natural language processing... 2023.11.16 Press release Obtained a patent for technology that recognizes and analyzes relevance and non-relevance in text data by replacing them with colors 2023.11.07 Press release Maruishi Pharmaceutical and FRONTEO sign outsourcing agreement regarding drug repositioning 2023.11.06 Press release FRONTEO and Axcelead DDP sign basic AI drug discovery support partnership agreement 2023.10.30 Press release FRONTEO x Baker Botts jointly sponsored seminar “About US intellectual property lawsuits against Japanese companies” 2023.10.10 Press release FRONTEO supports DX of Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ 2023.10.05 Press release Presented at an international workshop on white-collar crime, about investigations and compliance using AI etc... 2023.10.04 Announcements We will exhibit at "4th AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn]" 2023.09.28 Press release Signed license agreement with Keio University School of Medicine for commercialization of depression diagnosis support AI program 2023.09.20 Press release Safe data export and analysis technology, which has become a hot topic as a new technology to prevent confidential information from crossing borders in international lawsuits, has been granted a patent... 2023.09.14 Announcements Announcement of exhibiting at “Legal Affairs/Intellectual Property EXPO” 2023.09.11 Press release Economic security AI solution equipped with new functions to support conflict minerals due diligence 2023.09.04 Press release Added chat survey new features, pictogram browsing and duplicate deletion to the AI ​​review tool "KIBIT Automator" 2023.08.31 Press release Collaborating with Paramount Bed to contribute to medical safety measures at Tokyo Nishitokushukai Hospital 2023.08.29 Press release Started providing PC maintenance services for countermeasures and investigations against unfair competition prevention law violations such as retirees taking trade secrets and espionage. 2023.08.23 Press release FRONTEO Legal Link Porta... 2023.08.21 Press release Acquisition of patent grant in Europe for “Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program” 2023.08.18 Media information On August 8, Nihon Keizai Shimbun and its electronic edition published perovskite solar cells by economic security solutions... 2023.08.10 Media information August 8 Nihon Keizai Shimbun published the results of supply chain and shareholder control network analysis 2023.08.09 Media information The results of supply chain analysis were published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version dated August 8. 2023.07.31 Press release [Survey on trends in efforts to implement economic security measures] One year after the enactment of the Economic Security Promotion Act, Japan... 2023.07.24 Press release Held "AI Innovation Forum 2023" 2023.07.20 Press release Started offering cyber security research packages for small and medium-sized enterprises 2023.07.13 Press release Development of new transaction route visualization technology for supply chain analysis AI solution for economic security measures 2023.07.12 Press release New AI drug discovery support service "Drug Discovery AI Factory" started 2023.07.10 Press release FRONTEO × Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office × Noerr Co-sponsored Seminar "European foreign countries for Japanese companies... 2023.07.06 Press release Medical article search AI "KIBIT Amanogawa" upgraded 2023.06.30 Announcements About ESG Report 2023 2023.06.27 Media information On June 6th, Nihon Keizai Shimbun published an article about confidential document analysis technology. 2023.06.27 Press release Announced new technology to analyze hashed confidential information with in-house developed AI engine "KIBIT" 2023.06.26 Press release Participated in the “Machi no Engawa Health Room Cafe” and exchanged opinions on the use of the “Cognitive Function Check AI System” 2023.06.22 Press release At the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology, "Response to the search for new influ... 2023.06.21 Press release FRONTEO signs partnership with ACEDS 2023.06.20 Press release Japan Post Strengthens Governance System with FRONTEO's "KIBIT Knowledge Probe" 2023.06.16 Announcements Notice of privacy policy revision 2023.06.14 Press release "KIBIT WordSonar for AccidentView... 2023.06.12 Press release Ballista and FRONTEO jointly develop solutions that fundamentally transform the manufacturing industry's DX, and form a strategic partner... 2023.06.08 Announcements "Manufacturing Industry DX Summit 2023-Draw a Growth Strategy Beyond the Ages-" Supporting Risk Discovery and Prediction at Manufacturing Sites... 2023.06.06 Press release New Algorithm Implemented in AI Review Tool "KIBIT Automator"... 2023.06.05 Press release FRONTEO AI Innovation Forum 2023 held 2023.05.24 Press release Acquired patent grant for new transaction route estimation technology for supply chain analysis AI solution in economic security 2023.05.17 Press release Survey on trends in economic security initiatives published on official blog About half of the total measures are in progress Manufacturers are further implementing measures 2023.05.08 Press release KIBIT WordSonar for Voic... 2023.04.26 Press release FRONTEO's "KIBIT Knowledge Probe" introduced to Ashikaga Bank's reception record monitoring 2023.04.21 Announcements We will exhibit at "7th AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Spring]" 2023.04.11 Announcements We will exhibit at "Pharma IT & Digital Health Expo 2023" 2023.04.04 Press release FRONTEO and Skadden jointly hold an international conference "Recent developments in the corporate field in Japan... 2023.04.03 Press release Based on FRONTEO's unique design concept, the AI ​​engine name is unified to "KIBIT" 2023.03.30 Press release Fall prediction AI system "Coroban", "Special depreciation system for equipment that contributes to securing the medical care system in the region... 2023.03.29 Press release Improved digital forensic tool "KIBIT XAMIN... 2023.03.28 Press release Started joint research with Nippon Medical School Molecular Genetics Laboratory to build a viral vector prediction model 2023.03.23 Press release Significant expansion of diseases targeted for evaluation of target genes/molecules in the drug discovery support AI system “liGALILEO” 2023.03.16 Press release Announcement of “KIBIT Eye”, an ordinary audit system equipped with a new AI engine 2023.03.16 Announcements Lecture on the theme of AI drug discovery at the 143rd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan 2023.03.14 Press release Started a joint project between the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo 2023.02.27 Press release AI-based slide review system introduced at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2023.02.21 Press release Medical paper search AI "A... 2023.02.20 Press release New version of drug discovery support AI “Cascade Eye” announced 2023.02.16 Press release Reached 1 FRONTEO Legal Link Portal registrants 2023.02.12 Media information FRONTEO's economic security project was introduced in the NHK special "Century of confusion". 2023.01.30 Press release Face-to-face advice preparatory interview with Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency for AI medical device "Severe Fall Prediction AI Program" completed 2023.01.26 Press release AI review tool "KIBIT Automator" strengthens support for review work with results that support performance improvement 2023.01.25 Press release AEON Bank realizes a system that utilizes customer feedback with KIBIT 2023.01.19 Press release FRONTEO contributes to Ashikaga Bank's DX promotion, highly evaluated for PoC of reception record monitoring using AI 2023.01.17 Press release Medical paper search AI "Amanogawa" and drug discovery support AI "Cascade Eye", Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd.... 2023.01.11 Media information FRONTEO's Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program was Introduced on NHK "Kyo no Kenko" 2023.01.07 Media information FRONTEO's Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program was Introduced on NHK "Good Morning Japan"