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[3/13 31st Economic Security Study Session] Strategic importance of “India” towards the post-China era


India is attracting attention as it moves away from China.
While China's growth is slowing, India is expected to have the world's largest population by 2023, and its real GDP growth rate is expected to continue at a high rate of 6%.
Since the inauguration of the Modi government, global companies such as Apple (US) and Hon Hai (Taiwan) have already shifted their production bases to India under the "Make in India" initiative, which aims to become a manufacturing nation. Japanese companies are also accelerating their re-evaluation of India, and it is likely that they will further expand their consideration of strengthening their supply chains.
In this study session, we will invite Professor Toru Ito of the Department of International Relations, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Defense Academy, who is an expert on Indian diplomacy and security, to interpret India from a new perspective and explain the risks and points for Japanese companies. .
Additionally, Makiko Nagata from the Strategy Team, Economic Security Office, FRONTEO Co., Ltd. will talk about an example of an Indian company's supply chain analysis using FRONTEO AI "KIBIT Seizu Analysis."

【Webinar Summary】

◆Theme: Strategic importance of “India” towards the post-China era
◆ Date: September 2024, 3 (Wednesday) 13: 16-00: 17
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Participation conditions: Those who belong to a company
Participants from the same industry, individuals, and free e-mail addresses are not allowed to participate.
For details of the study sessionplease use this form.

Professor, Department of International Relations, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Defense Academy
Toru Ito

Dropped out of Chuo University Graduate School of Law, Department of Political Science after completing the second half of the doctoral program, received Ph.D. (Academic) from Hiroshima University. He worked as a specialist researcher at the Embassy of Japan in India and an associate professor at Shimane University's Faculty of Law and Letters, before working at the National Defense Academy in 2009. Current position from April 2021. ``Principles of Action for an Emerging Power India: The Future of Independent Realism Diplomacy'' (Keio University Press, 4), ``The True Identity of India: The Falsehood and Reality of a Future Great Power'' (Chuko Shinsho Rakure, 2020), etc. He has written many books mainly related to international relations and security issues.
Economic Security Office Strategy Team
Makiko Nagata

Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law. He was a relationship manager at Citibank, responsible for client asset management and investment consulting. He worked in corporate sales at BNP Paribas Securities Co., Ltd. as a deputy general manager in the fixed income department. He has experience in retail and wholesale operations at Levi Strauss Japan Co., Ltd.
Currently, he is in charge of the strategy team of FRONTEO Economic Security Office, mainly in charge of private companies, and supports clients in solving economic security issues and formulating strategies.
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