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[held on February 2th!22th Economic Security Study Group] Regarding the situation in China after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China / FRONTEO AI analysis case: Supply chain analysis of important goods-

Nov. 2023, 1

At the 2022th Party Congress held in October 10, it was confirmed that President Xi Jinping would continue in office, entering an unprecedented third term. Trends of the Chinese Communist Party that cannot be overlooked from the perspective of influence in Japan in 20, such as the drastic relaxation of the "zero corona" policy and the suspension of visa issuance to Japanese people.
Where is China headed in the third term of the Xi Jinping regime?
At the 19th study session on economic security, we invited Dr. Yasuko Eto (Professor, Gakushuin University), who is a senior researcher at the Institute of Geoeconomics and head of the China Group, and who studies mainly Chinese politics and diplomacy. He will give a lecture on the latest situation in China, such as the confrontation between China and the division of the international community, the ideology and policies within the Chinese Communist Party, and the impact on Japanese companies.
In addition, Mari Yamamoto, director of FRONTEO Co., Ltd., will tell you about an analysis case of the supply chain of important materials using FRONTEO AI.



【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: The situation in China after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 
     FRONTEO AI Analysis Case: Supply Chain Analysis of Important Materials
◆ Date: September 2023, 2 (Wednesday) 22: 15-00: 16
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Participation conditions: For companies
Participants from the same industry, individuals, and free e-mail addresses are not allowed to participate.
For details of the study session here

Senior Researcher, Institute of Geoeconomics, Head of China Group
Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University
Professor Naoko Eto

Professor, Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University.His specialties are contemporary Chinese politics, Japan-China relations, and international affairs in East Asia.
Completed master's course at Stanford University Graduate School of International Politics and doctoral course at Keio University Graduate School of Law.He has a PhD (law).
After working as a researcher at the Center for the Promotion of Area Studies at the National Institute for the Humanities, a deputy chief researcher at the Japan External Trade Organization Institute of Developing Economies, a visiting researcher at the National University of Singapore's Institute of East Asian Studies, and a visiting researcher at the School of International Relations at Peking University.

Research fields/main areas of interest:
Contemporary China / International Relations in East Asia / Japan-China Relations / Strategic Narrative

Works etc.:
"Japan in Chinese Nationalism: The Transformation of 'Patriotism' and the Problem of Historical Perception" (Keiso Shobo, 2014)
“Japan-China Strategic Communications Dynamics under the Belt and Road Initiative: The Case of 'Third Country Business Cooperation'” (Asian Perspective, Vol. 45, no.3, Summer 2021)
Currently writing columns for "Jitsugyo no Nihon Forum" and "SPF China Observer" by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

Director / AI Solution Business Management and President's Office Manager
Mari Yamamoto

After joining an advertising agency, he was enrolled in a risk management company.Launched the mental health care business, executed business plans, product development, marketing and sales strategies, and led the company to the top market share in the industry. Appointed as a director in 2014 and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2018, became a director in 2020, and is in charge of and directs the president's office and the entire AI solution business.
In the life science AI business, we promoted the development of diagnostic support, disease prediction, and drug discovery support AI systems using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder", and directed the launch of the world's first medical device using language analysis AI.Take on the challenge of new areas in life science.
In the business intelligence business, we utilize the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" to support corporate DX promotion.In the field of economic security as well, we are advocating a change in consciousness together with experts and researchers, and developing intelligence-based solutions for governments, government agencies, and companies.Help companies make strategic decisions with a fact-based approach.
As a top company in the field of natural language analysis, he plans and directs the growth strategy of the AI ​​solution business.

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