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[December 12th held!15th Economic Security Study Group] Analysis of efforts and trends in supply chain resilience by Professor Tamai, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

December 2022, 12

At the final economic security study session in 2022, as an intellectual property law expert, he has been involved in research on legislative policy and industry-academia collaboration for many years. Professor Katsuya Tamai, Professor of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo (Professor of Shinshu University), who is working on

In addition to the "designated important goods" scheduled to be approved by the Cabinet by the end of this year, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of initiatives and support for strengthening the distribution network.In addition, he will give a lecture on important technology development and important infrastructure from the recent announcement of the establishment of a new company for the domestic production of next-generation semiconductors jointly by the public and private sectors.



【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: Analysis of efforts and trends in supply chain resilience by Professor Tamai, Research Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
◆ Date: April 2022, 12 (Thursday) 15: 15-00: 16
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Participation conditions: For companies
Participants from the same industry, individuals, and free e-mail addresses are not allowed to participate.
For details of the study session Click here for more information.

Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Katsuya Tamai
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo in 1983.In April of the same year, he was an assistant at the Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo.After that, he became a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Gakushuin University and an assistant professor at the same time. In October 4, he was transferred to the university and became an assistant professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology), the University of Tokyo. In May 1990, he became the professor (Intellectual Property Law) at the age of 4, and continues to this day.In addition to legal research on intellectual property law, he has published numerous research papers on legislative policy, industry-academia collaboration, and technology transfer.It is a pioneer in Japan regarding trade secrets, and its research theme is the "sovereign immunity" principle in the United States. In 1995, the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology launched the "Economic Security Research Program" to study economic security policies of major countries, legislation related to advanced technology management, and risk countermeasures. 10-1997 Keio University Special Invited Professor. Registered as a lawyer in 5 (belonging to the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association). Since April 36, he has also served as a professor at the Faculty of Economics and Law, Shinshu University.
Director / AI Solution Business Management and President's Office Manager
Mari Yamamoto

After joining an advertising agency, he was enrolled in a risk management company.Launched the mental health care business, executed business plans, product development, marketing and sales strategies, and led the company to the top market share in the industry. Appointed as a director in 2014 and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2018, became a director in 2020, and is in charge of and directs the president's office and the entire AI solution business.
In the life science AI business, we promoted the development of diagnostic support, disease prediction, and drug discovery support AI systems using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder", and directed the launch of the world's first medical device using language analysis AI.Take on the challenge of new areas in life science.
In the business intelligence business, we utilize the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" to support corporate DX promotion.In the field of economic security as well, we are advocating a change in consciousness together with experts and researchers, and developing intelligence-based solutions for governments, government agencies, and companies.Help companies make strategic decisions with a fact-based approach.
As a top company in the field of natural language analysis, he plans and directs the growth strategy of the AI ​​solution business.
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