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[Held on September 9th!The 15th Economic Security Study Group] Geopolitical Risk-Risk Management in Both Supply Chain and Sales Destinations

October 2021th, 9
In the United States, the "Supply Chain Transparency Law" came into effect in California in 2012, guidance for the elimination of forced labor was published in the EU in July, and the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom also have their own laws and rules. There is a movement around the world to require reporting on the risks and responses to human rights violations, such as the enactment.
What are the opportunities and risks for Japanese companies procuring raw materials from all over the world?Interview with Professor Toshifumi Kokubun of Tama University Graduate School.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: Geopolitical risk-Risk management in both supply chain and sales destination-Analysis example: Human rights due diligence in supply chain-
◆ Date: September 2021, 9 (Wednesday) 15: 15-00: 16
◆ Format: Members-only closed seminar 
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
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Professor, Graduate School of Tama University
Professor Toshifumi Kokubun
Director of Rule Formation Strategy Research Institute, Senior Fellow of Pacific Forum, Lead Partner of EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. Strategic Impact Unit, Advisor of "Liberal Democratic Party New International Order Creation Strategy Headquarters" (until September 2020, 9).
Completed the Graduate School of Public Management, Waseda University. He has served as a corporate planning and think tank for IT companies, AT Kearney Principal, a US strategic firm, and Vice President Partner, a US accounting firm (retired at the end of November 2018).
As a leader in rule-making strategies starting from social issues and economic security policies, we will formulate trade policies, create an issue ecosystem by government, industry, government, and academia, and create corporate strategies that are not at the mercy of the security and economic policies of each country. Support planning.He has also served as a member of the government on economic security policy, a political investigation committee, and an advisor to the parliamentary federation.As the founder of the Rule-Forming Strategy Research Institute, we have diversified Japan's rule-forming strategic capabilities by building networks with government officials, intelligence agencies, and think tanks from around the world, and even fostered researchers in Japan's declining security policy. We are working.

Major books:
"Economic State Craft Battle of Economic Security" (Nikkei Publishing)
"Technical supremacy deep in the US-China clash" (co-authored by Nikkei Publishing Co., Ltd.)
"Rule-making strategy to win in the world market Why Japanese companies that win in technology lose" (co-edited by Asahi Shimbun Publishing)
"The Strongest Business Reform" (co-authored by Toyo Keizai Inc.)
"The strongest cost reduction" (co-authored by Toyo Keizai Inc.)
FRONTEO Inc. Director 
Mari Yamamoto

Born in April 1969 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
After joining an advertising agency, she was enrolled in a risk management company.Launch the mental health care business, execute business plans, product development, marketing, and sales strategies, and lead to the top market share in the industry. In 2014, she became a director of the company and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017.
Joined FRONTEO Inc. in December 2018 and became a director in 12, managing and directing the entire AI solution business.
In the life science AI business, we will promote development in the digital health field such as diagnostic support and disease prediction using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder", and also in the drug discovery field, a drug discovery support AI system that supports speeding up the discovery of candidate compounds. To challenge new areas in life science.
In the business intelligence business, he uses the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" to direct the DX promotion of companies.We will also develop solutions that utilize AI in the field of economic security to support governments, government agencies, and companies.

Other affiliations
・ Keizai Doyukai
・ Japan Women Executive Association

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