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[6/16 held!XNUMXrd Economic Security Study Group] About Human Rights Risk

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more news that we can feel the strengthening of the economic and security ties, such as the US regulation on China and the supply of semiconductors / vaccines.In response to growing awareness of economic security, FRONTEO has invited experts in security theory and crisis management to hold an online seminar entitled "Economic Security Study Group" from April 2021.We are pleased to announce that the 4nd meeting will be held as follows.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: About human rights risk
◆ Date: August 2021th, 6 (Wednesday) 16:15-00:16
◆ Format: Members-only closed seminar
For details of the study sessionhere

Kanazawa Institute of Technology Graduate School 教授
FRONTEO Inc. Strategic Advisor
Toshiyuki Ito
Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Defense Academy, and completed the master's program (area studies) at the University of Tsukuba.Became a submarine rider in the Maritime Self-Defense Force.Captain Hayashio, Defense Attaché of the Japanese Embassy in the United States, Commander of the 2nd Submarine, Chief of the Public Relations Office of the Maritime Staff Office, Chief of the Information Division, Information Officer of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters, Chief of the Command and Communication Information Department of the Maritime Staff Office, Maritime Self-Defense Force After working as the second art school chief, the integrated staff school chief, and the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure district general manager, he has been a professor at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology Graduate School (Toranomon Campus) since 2 (Department of Innovation Management, Graduate School of Innovation Management).
Specialty: Leadership theory, organization theory, security theory, media theory, international relations theory, crisis management
Treatises / Books:
Dissertation: Russian Foreign Policy (Analysis from Cultural Anthropological Aspects)
・ Book: "Leadership can be acquired by anyone" (AlphaPolis 2018)
・ Supervision: "Defense Simulation! Self-Defense Forces vs Unified Korea" (Takarajimasha 2020)
・ Many contributions to Sankei Shimbun Seiron column authors and other newspapers and magazines
Awards: Received "The Legion of Merit" from the US Defense Attaché for his work as a Defense Attaché, and "The Legion of Merit" from the US Defense Secretary for his work as Chief of the Sea
Other specialized information: He is a director of the Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management, a permanent member of the National Defense Association, and a director of the Japan Leadership Association.
FRONTEO Inc. Director 
Mari Yamamoto

After joining an advertising agency, worked for a risk management company.Launch the mental health care business, execute business plans, product development, marketing, and sales strategies, and lead to the top share in the industry. In 2014, he became a director of the company and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017. Joined FRONTEO in December 2018, and led the president's office and life science AI business as an executive officer from June 12. Appointed as a director in June 2019, and is in charge of and directs the entire AI solution business.
In addition to advancing development in the digital health field such as diagnostic support and disease prediction using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder", we are also developing a drug discovery support AI system that supports speeding up of candidate compound discovery in the drug discovery area. Take on the challenge of new areas in life science.

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