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Bright! FRONTEO Official Blog

Kibiro equipped with FRONTEO's artificial intelligence will be exhibited at the 2015 International Robot Exhibition.

Nov. 2015, 11
FRONTEO Communications
"Kibiro" will be exhibited at the "2015 International Robot Exhibition" to be held from December 12nd (Wednesday) to December 2th (Saturday), 12. Kibiro is an artificial intelligence KIBIT-equipped robot whose technology is developed by FRONTEO and whose subsidiary FRONTEO Communications is in charge of commercialization and sales.Kibiro will be exhibited and a demonstration / promotion video will be screened at the exhibition booth of Vstone Co., Ltd., a robot manufacturing partner.Robot technology, which has greatly contributed to the development of manufacturing, is expanding its activities from production sites to our daily lives. The "5 International Robot Exhibition" is an event held as a place to introduce and display robots that are steadily approaching practical use in various fields.We look forward to your visit. [Exhibited products]Robot with artificial intelligence KIBIT Kibiro ■ Overview of the 2015 International Robot Exhibition 【主催】一般社団法人 日本ロボット工業会、日刊工業新聞社 【会期】2015年12月2日(水)~ 12月5日(土) 10:00~17:00 【会場】東京ビッグサイト 東6ホール 【入場料】1,000円(※事前登録者および招待券持参者、中学生以下は無料) 【ブース番号】SR-03(アイ・ローボ・ネットワーク・フォーラム内) 人工知能KIBIT搭載ロボットKibiro 2015 International Robot Exhibition Official Website

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