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"Forefront of AI implementation" First public release of the inside of AI BizDevOps Lab.

Nov. 2019, 4
FRONTEO AI BizDevOps Lab. (Director: Kenya Igasaki II), which will be the "front line of AI implementation" including the artificial intelligence engine KIBIT, which was originally developed at FRONTEO headquarters. The inside of is unveiled for the first time. FRONTEO AI BizDevOps Lab. Was established in November 2018 as a facility to widely provide “usable AI”. We are operating as the front line to promote the implementation of AI by realizing the process from discovering various problems in the introduction of AI and planning solutions to feasible operation design in the shortest time.

AI BizDevOps Lab. Director Kenya Igasaki II


Role of AI BizDevOps Lab. In AI projects

Currently, in the introduction of AI in companies, although the effect has been confirmed by PoC (proof of concept) using sample data, the transition to the production business system has not progressed, the problem setting is ambiguous at the stage of collecting data, and preparations are made. There are cases where the data is not suitable for problem solving, and when trying to implement it, the operating cost is too high to use.These may be due to problems that could occur in the previous phase because they were not considered in the first place. FRONTEO's AI BizDevOps Lab. Allows companies to implement AI implementation projects in the shortest possible time.The people in charge of each phase of consulting, PoC, development, and operation do not work separately, but the members of BizDevOps Lab. Look at the implementation, cooperate with each other, sort out the issues, select the optimum technology and algorithm, It will be the "front line of AI implementation" that can consistently perform data structure design, flow planning, effect measurement verification, etc.In addition, AI BizDevOps Lab. Is a place to co-create highly effective AI solutions by welcoming development partners and customers who are promoting implementation.On the four 4-inch screens located in the center of the lab, you can jointly check the use of the latest algorithms and the analysis demonstration using demo data.Then, you can have a multifaceted discussion in each phase of BizDevOps and proceed with the implementation. FRONTEO has provided 144 companies with AI solutions using the artificial intelligence engine KIBIT. Through the development of AI BizDevOps Lab., We will further accelerate our efforts as an AI integrator focusing on natural language processing.

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