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We held an entrance ceremony in 2019

Nov. 2019, 4
Corporate Communication Team
On April 2019, 4, 1 refreshing new employees joined FRONTEO.This time, we would like to introduce the entrance ceremony for the 14th generation, who have taken a new step as members of society.

New employees

Following the reading of the philosophy by the 10th generation representative, President Morimoto issued a resignation to each person, and the new employee dressed in a suit that still remained awkward received the resignation for the first time in his life with a tense look.

President Morimoto gives a welcome word

In the president's instruction from President Morimoto, starting with a welcome greeting, the flow and current situation from the establishment of FRONTEO to the present are explained in the form of introducing major milestones, and he will play an active role as a key person for business expansion in the future. He also said that he expected him to do so.Furthermore, as expectations for new employees as colleagues who will realize what FRONTEO aims for together, it is necessary to acquire "work knowledge" and "action guidelines as a worker" in the past year, and for a long time. It was mentioned that they should acquire the "ability to make detailed plans" and "execution ability", that is, "realization ability" necessary to achieve the goal.In the following new employee's reply, the new employee representative said, "I feel that I will be tightened by the passionate words from the president. As a FRONTEO employee, I would like to work hard to meet high expectations and contribute to the development of the company." Was told.Please look forward to what they will learn and absorb at FRONTEO and return it to society during this period of greatest growth as a person.

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