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Held a 2018 training completion ceremony for the Wakayama Prefectural Police Cybercrime Countermeasures Division

April 2019, 3
Corporate Communication Department
At FRONTEO, in order to support police strengthening measures against cybercrime, we respond to "crimes that abuse information technology" such as unauthorized access, information leakage, cyber attacks, and a series of digital from data handling to management and reporting. We provide training in advanced research and analysis technology by forensics.

Awarding of certificate of completion

The other day, a police officer dispatched from the Wakayama Prefectural Police successfully completed the one-year training, and the completion ceremony was held in the presence of the senior Wakayama Prefectural Police.Prior to the awarding of the certificate of completion, the Wakayama Prefectural Police presented a letter of appreciation to FRONTEO, expressing gratitude for the training and the determination to confront cybercrime.After that, the police officers who completed the training were awarded a certificate of completion by FRONTEO's executive officer and chief engineer Shusaku Nozaki.When asked by his superior about what he learned in the training might be useful for future police activities, he said, "I think it is most useful to study the basics of forensics properly. Superficial things. Instead, he taught me the basics carefully, so even if something unexpected happens, I think that I can think about what the problem is with my own mind, which will lead to on-site responsiveness and application ability. Although there are differences between FRONTEO and the prefectural police, even if you say a forensic tool in a bite, I was able to study the basics properly, so what does the operation of that tool mean? You can think about it properly and use it. "After the graduation ceremony, FRONTEO employees, who spent a year as "colleagues", surrounded the trainees and gave words of hope and took a commemorative photo, creating a peaceful atmosphere.In the future, the place of activity will be different, but those who have studied together will play an active role in their respective places.

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