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[Seminar Report] Seminar for personnel personnel "Effective utilization of personnel data in" recruitment "" jointly held by four companies

April 2018, 11
Corporate Communication Department
It goes without saying that securing the most suitable human resources is extremely important for a company to grow continuously, and it is said that hiring is the most important factor in management.However, due to the recent increase in the ratio of job offers to applicants and the diversification of industries and hiring methods, it seems that there are many personnel personnel who are not able to carry out hiring activities as expected.Therefore, this time, FRONTEO co-sponsored a seminar for personnel personnel who think about solving recruitment issues from "utilization of personnel data" with Recruit Career Co., Ltd., Yangu Co., Ltd., and Infotechnos Consulting Co., Ltd. It was held.At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Yoshihiko Nakayama of Recruit Career Co., Ltd. took the stage.He explained the global HR-tech trends, issues such as manpower that companies face when hiring new graduates, and changes in hiring methods.He also introduced a newly developed data management platform that realizes "securing targets," "improving the decline rate," and "improving operational efficiency."Next, Mr. Noriyoshi Sato of Yangu Co., Ltd. gave a lecture on the theme of "recruitment branding".As the tendency of the seller market becomes stronger, recruitment branding is important to be selected from the target students and to improve the motivation to join the company, and there is an introduction with examples of how to make recruitment branding. There was a person who was strongly interested in the production method and the product that conveys the attractiveness of the company.Yukiko Oshima of Infotechnos Consulting Co., Ltd. talked about the effects and examples of using human resources data for recruitment.Human resources data is useful not only for measures for existing employees such as placement and selection, but also for recruitment and business improvement, such as the characteristics and skills of human resources that can be the key to the company, and the selection method necessary to identify them. He explained what he could do with actual cases and data.And from FRONTEO, Masahiro Sato, who is in charge of solutions specialized in the HR area, talked about text data analysis by AI in recruitment selection.
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Sato explaining text data analysis by AI in recruitment selection

In the selection of new graduates, it is necessary to concentrate on the selection in a short period of time, and there are issues such as enormous man-hours in the process and human resource mismatch after joining the company.This time, we will focus on the case of using artificial intelligence KIBIT, which learned the characteristics of employees who are active in the company and those who declined the offer, to help improve the accuracy in speeding up and matching entry sheet selection, and AI in the recruitment area. I introduced an example of utilization.In addition, after the lecture, we held a social gathering where all the participants could share their issues and talk about specific measures.We hope that it will be of some help to the people in charge of human resources who participated in this seminar.In addition to hiring, FRONTEO uses KIBIT solutions that are effective in a variety of business areas, such as detecting signs of turnover, utilizing evaluations and questionnaires, and automating the response to inquiries from employees, to solve problems for human resources personnel. We are supporting. ■ HR solution provided by FRONTEO ——————————————————— <Seminar Outline> Effective Utilization of Personnel Data in “Recruitment” ■ Date and Time October 2018, 10 (Thursday) 18: 13-30 18:30 ■ Venue   Fukuracia Shinagawa Crystal Square ■ Agenda Part 1 Seminar [Special Lecture] "Latest Trends in Recruitment" Recruit Carrier Co., Ltd. Mr. Yoshihiko Nakayama, Business Development Specialist "Corporate branding starting from recruitment branding" Ageha Co., Ltd. Mr. Noriyoshi Sato, Sales Department "Examples of AI utilization in recruitment" Masahiro Sato, Solution Department 3, Business Solutions Division, FRONTEO Inc. Another perspective on "utilizing system data for" recruitment "" Infotechnos Consulting Co., Ltd. Yukiko Oshima, General Manager of Sales Marketing Division Part 2 Social gathering

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