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"I want to know the future of artificial intelligence!" Report on a junior high school student's visit to the company!

Corporate Communication Department
So far, we have talked about exhibiting at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Children's Day and holding AI workshops with junior high school students as a place for our company to interact with students and children.This time, we would like to introduce a junior high school student's visit to the company as part of such activities.This time, four junior high school students from Fukushima Prefecture visited us.He called out to us as a place to visit the company as part of a school trip.As a result of searching for anything, the theme "AI and robots" decided by the group, it seems that our company was found as a candidate for visit as a company that handles both.On the day of the event, we had a discussion about AI and robots, focusing on classroom lectures, based on the questions asked by junior high school students.By the way, I had the following five questions. ● What jobs will AI be able to do in the future? (What is the possibility?) ● What are the limits of current AI technology? ● What are the dangers of AI? ● Does each AI have its own personality? ● What are the expected robot technologies in the future?In the discussion, we asked questions such as "What do you imagine when you hear AI?" And "What do you think AI has beaten the top human Go players in the world of Go?" Is very sharp, and I can see that it has been properly learned in advance.

In one frame of the discussion, everyone expressed their opinions with a serious attitude.

Actually, I had a similar discussion with junior high school students in Tokyo before, and I remember being very impressed at that time as well. When you say "provide a place to visit a company," you might think that the company sends information to students in a one-way manner, but in reality, we are always greatly stimulated by the students. I feel great motivation.After the discussion, we will have an in-house tour, visit the DOC (Discovery Operation Center: e-discovery lab) and FOC (Forensic Operation Center), which are the heart of FRONTEO's services, and finally visit the Institute of Behavioral Information Science. I received it.Of particular interest to you here was the painting by the artificial intelligence The Painting Fool. The Painting Fool is an AI developed by British scientist Simon Colton on the theme of computer creation, and was commissioned to produce several works to commemorate the opening of the institute.It is one of the features of our company that you can see these works.

There are 3 paintings by The Painting Fool, one of which is here

  This year, as I introduced earlier, five boys in the second year of junior high school in Tokyo came to the office to learn about "the present of artificial intelligence" as part of their off-campus learning, and asked a number of sharp questions. It was.In addition, a second-year high school boy in Tokyo came to an interview about "the feasibility of a business plan using AI" and had the opportunity to have a discussion.While responding to various requests from outside the company, such as participation in events, workshops and tours, FRONTEO will continue to contribute to society unique to our company.If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.
Curious "What is AI?" I will report on the AI ​​workshop for junior high school students! [Event Report] Kibiro was exhibited at the booth on Children's Day of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the fourth time this year!

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