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[VTOP] Introducing the second half of 2017 project!

April 2018, 8
FRONTEO has a new graduate training project called Vertical Take Off Project (commonly known as VTOP) under the direct control of the president for one year after joining the company (for details). here).This VTOP activity is from May to AugustXNUMXst half, September-DecemberSecond half, September-DecemberTakeover period OfIt is divided into three parts, and by working on different projects in each period, one year later, the aim is to "embody FRONTEO's philosophy and motto and grow into a core employee who has accumulated sufficient basic abilities." is.This time, the new graduates in 3 worked on "Second half projectI would like to introduce you to!

Second half project of 2017

The feature of the second half project is that the content and format change greatly depending on the year, but even if the content and format change, the basic purpose does not change.What I learned through the compilation of corporate history, which is the first half project,Practice, deepening, and establishing in actual workIs required. In the second half of 2017, the goals set by each department to which new employees are assigned are broken down to individual goals, executed as their own "individual business plan", and the PDCA cycle is run weekly to report to President Morimoto. The we. Of course, you can acquire time management because you have to prepare materials by the deadline every week, but the important point in this project is to involve the superiors and senior employees of the assigned department to execute the project. Is to go.By having senior employees evaluate each week and superiors at the end of the month, you can know your exact current location for each month, and based on feedback from seniors, the goal for next month is Execute the project while rotating the setting and PDCA cycle at all times.This is the report format that was actually used when reporting to the president. Just by looking at this slide, you can see the progress of the project, whether it is progressing smoothly or lagging behind.If progress is delayed, it is also used to analyze the cause of what kind of recovery plan to make and why it was delayed in the first place. Enter the "departmental goals" and the "your goals" that are broken down from there."Forecast and actual graph of target numerical value" is described inThe blue line described in is the progress schedule, the red line is the actual resultDescribe the overall "progress" linked with.I updated this material weekly to the president and reported on the progress of my project.

What I learned through the project-Voice of a new graduate in 2017-

By breaking down with company goals → department goals → my own goals, when I achieved my individual goals, I felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I was able to contribute to the achievement of my company goals. I think that was the largest.In addition, I felt that it became easier for new employees to work on this project, which created communication with their superiors and senior employees, and practiced reporting, contacting, and consulting.After the project was completed, the president and new graduate members held a retrospective meeting and received three messages from the president. The first is to accelerate the growth rate of individuals by continuously rotating the PDCA cycle. The second is that when setting goals, it is worthwhile to break down from the company's goals so that you can contribute to the company's goals when you reach your individual goals.And finally, by continuing to work on these even after the project is over, we will become human resources who can push FRONTEO to the next stage.Through this second half project, I feel that I was able to work on the goal with "enthusiasm", which is FRONTEO's philosophy, achieve the goal with "obsession", and get "impressed" after actually achieving the goal. Even now, in my second year, I want to keep in mind what I learned during the year of VTOP, and continue to challenge new things every day to grow into an employee who supports FRONTEO's growth!
FRONTEO is currently looking for colleagues to work with!Click here for a list of job categories: ■ VTOP Series # 1: About FRONTEO's new graduate training project "VTOP": ■ VTOP Series # 2: Training system for new graduates: ■ VTOP Series # 3: About the "mentor system" that promotes communication opportunities outside of work: ■ VTOP Series # 4: About "AI Solution Training" for new graduates: ■ VTOP Series # 5: About "Legal Tech Training" for new graduates: ■ VTOP series # 6: About VTOP first half products:

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