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[VTOP] Introducing "Legal Tech Training" for new graduates!

October 2018th, 6
VTOP member
The "VTOP" series, in which new graduates in 2017 introduce FRONTEO's training and unique systems.5thThis time, we would like to introduce "Regal Training", which is one of the business division trainings that new graduates receive for their second year of joining the Legal Business Headquarters! Click here for VTOP →
everyBusiness division training that takes about one month from the end of AprilIs "Legal TechTraining "and"AI solution trainingNew graduates will be required to take both trainings regardless of their wishes.

Training flow for new graduates

FRONTEO's original business, the legal tech business, is

● Support international proceedings"E-discovery support"

● Conduct fraud investigations, etc."Forensic survey" 

Legal tech training is conducted in each department for these two projects.The purpose of the training is to be able to learn work smoothly after being assigned.Therefore, it is devised so that it will be a practical training as well as acquiring basic knowledge and grasping the overall work outline.

Discovery dedicated lab "Discovery Operation Center (DOC)"

Advanced Information Analysis Lab "Forensics Operation Center (FOC)"

The training begins with an explanation of each business and department, and when the business content is greatly understood and the overall picture comes to mind, "EDRM""To business explanation" (e-discovery support), "PC / HDD mechanism (forensics)," Lit i View training: Review "(e-discovery support), lectures on each business, and actual tools I will proceed to the training I used.In the legal tech business,Because I often use Excel in my daily work, "Excel training" by senior employees is also incorporated.

EDRM: Abbreviation for "The Electronic Discovery Reference Model", which refers to an eDiscovery reference model. This is a reference procedure for conducting eDiscovery recommended by the eDiscovery industry, and is the world's standard work index for disclosing electronic information when requesting document submission.

Daily schedule with legal tech training

After actually receiving training-Voice of employees in their second year at the company-

I originally chose eDiscovery as the theme for my master's thesis, and I joined FRONTEO because I wanted to be involved in the legal tech business, so I was very much looking forward to this legal training.When the training actually starts, I remember learning new things every day during the training period, so it was really difficult to keep up with it, and by the end of the day's training, all the new employees were tired.However, as with AI training, feedback and reflection time are set every day, so I can check my understanding level, and not only senior employees but also VTOP seniors follow me carefully every day. In the end, I was able to firmly establish my knowledge and experience, and I think I was ready for my next temporary assignment.It's been over a year since I joined the company, and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm working hard every day to try new things so that I can contribute more to the team!
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