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We held a 1-day internship for general employees

Human Resources and General Affairs Department
On February 2th and 18th, we held a 19-day internship for general employees and a 1-day internship for R & D employees from February 2th to 24th.From all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, we had students from all over Japan participate in the program to experience the work of FRONTEO within a limited schedule.In the internship for general staff, I had a simulated experience of the latest fraud investigation.It is serious that everyone who participated analyzes a large amount of data and persistently discovers fraud while dealing with relationships between people.After seeing the fraud investigation seriously, I ended the internship with the expectation that some surveyor would ... It was surprising that many participants commented that they were able to understand FRONETO from the rough talks at the lunchtime roundtable discussion, in addition to the impression that they were able to understand the work. was.I would be happy if you could get to know the life-sized FRONTEO.There was also a comment on artificial intelligence. "I can understand artificial intelligence, and I can see the possibilities and my own thoughts." I want to look forward to the day when I can talk directly about what kind of possibilities and thoughts I have come to see. think.The state of the internship for R & D staff is introduced on the following website. WANTEDLY FRONTEO Inc.

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