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WIRED 2015 major special issue including "What kind of future does artificial intelligence dream of?", Which includes the report of "WIRED AI 1 TOKYO SINGULARITY SUMMIT # 2", has been released.

April 2015, 12
Behavioral Information Science Institute
"WIRED" Japanese version VOL.20 has been released.This issue is a special issue of AI, and we will conduct artificial intelligence research at "AI 2015 TOKYO SINGULARITY SUMMIT # 1" (held on September 2015, 9, hereinafter "WIRED Summit") co-sponsored by the Japanese version of WIRED and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Hideki Takeda, the director of the Institute of Behavioral Information Science, who announced the stage together with the leading talents, will introduce the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" that "reads human subtleties (KIBI)" that we have developed independently. Contains articles (page 29).


Takeda picks up the just-released "WIRED" Japanese version VOL.20

"AI creates a society where humans can face what they should do."Our CTO, Takeda, expressed the society that should be realized for the future in the presentation of the WIRED Summit entitled "Teaching the" World "to Artificial Intelligence."And, in order for KIBIT to realize the function of "reading the subtleties of human beings", the technology concept of "Landscaping", which FRONTEO has completed by collecting all of its technical capabilities, has been introduced to an audience of over 500 people. I emphasized towards it.

Takeda giving a lecture at "WIRED AI 2015 TOKYO SINGULARITY SUMMIT # 1"

One piece when signing the WIRED flag at the social gathering

A book full of hope for the future, including all the reports of the WIRED Summit, is a large volume of 258 pages and costs 1,200 yen.When you visit a bookstore, please take a look.

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