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[Seminar Report] The 3rd "KIBIT Patent Explorer User Study Group" was held

October 2018th, 2
Business Solutions Headquarters
The patent search and analysis system "KIBIT Patent Explorer" that utilizes artificial intelligence has evolved to be easier to use and more sophisticated, reflecting the needs of user companies since its launch.The "KIBIT Patent Explorer User Study Group," which is held regularly with the main purpose of promoting the further utilization of user companies, has also been well received. On Wednesday, February 2, TKP Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Conference Center The 7rd time was held at.3 people from 2 companies participated, which is more than double the second time, and it was a well-received study session with an attendance rate of 42%.There were many users who came from afar, and there were also people who came from Kagoshima.This time, I would like to introduce the contents.At the reception, our communication robot "Kibiro" was also greeted. On the day of the event, after the opening remarks, lectures from three user companies, updates regarding the addition of product functions from our company FRONTEO, and finally a question-and-answer session and discussion, followed by a social gathering after the study session. .. At the opening, Mr. Murata, General Manager of Service Promotion Department, Business Solutions Division of our company, gave a speech to the participants, and then in the user lecture, Mr. Kawafield Co., Ltd. first gave a prior art survey using Patent Explorer, and then Toyobo. From Mr. Sugita Co., Ltd., in order to reduce the burden of investigating the detoxification of patents of other companies (information provision / invalidation materials), the verification contents until the start of operation of Patent Explorer, the contents of provisional operation, issues, measures, etc., and finally Nisshinbo Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Taira of the company talked about the validity confirmation in the invalidation material investigation. We have introduced two new support tools that will be updated in the future: analysis using data outside the DB recording range and extraction of synonyms (keywords).In the final question-and-answer session and discussion, the person in charge of the participating user companies answered the pre-questions from the participants.There was a more lively question-and-answer session and exchange of opinions than last time, and the excitement was so great that it exceeded the scheduled time.At the social gathering held after the study session, many companies participated and users actively exchanged opinions.Although it was a short time, on the way back, we received many comments from many users that they were satisfied with the content and asked us to invite them to the study session, and we were very happy to hear many words. The meeting was closed safely. We would like to thank everyone who took the stage, all the user companies who participated, and thank you for joining us during your busy schedule.We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.       In addition to the training program that supports how to use Patent Explorer, FRONTEO plans to hold the user study sessions introduced this time on a regular basis.We also hold an online seminar to introduce the functions with a monthly demonstration for companies considering introduction. Please refer to the following website for information on Patent Explorer and seminar / event information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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