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Out-of-season BEACH BAR appears !? Introducing marketing utilization of artificial intelligence "KIBIT" at Marketing Technology Fair 2016

Product Marketing Department
FRONTEO and its subsidiary FRONTEO Communications will exhibit at "Marketing Technology Fair 2" to be held at Tokyo Big Sight for two days from February 16th (Tuesday) to 17th (Wednesday).We will open "KIBIT BEACH BAR" to introduce the marketing utilization of HOT artificial intelligence even in the middle of winter.The Marketing Technology Fair is a major event that brings together the latest marketing technologies held in four countries around the world, including China.It provides a valuable opportunity to learn advanced marketing techniques. In August 2, FRONTEO established a subsidiary "FRONTEO Communications" specializing in marketing business such as information analysis on the Internet, and has been expanding its business domain to the marketing field by data analysis utilizing artificial intelligence technology. ..At this exhibition, we will introduce the following service lineup as a result of business development so far. ● Marketing utilization of customer feedback (VOC) by artificial intelligence KIBIT (KIBIT Knowledge Probe) ● Ideal recommendation (digital curation service) realized by artificial intelligence KIBIT ● Partner to find "you" that you do not know yet (artificial intelligence robot Kibiro) A mini seminar with demonstrations will be held in the booth.Visitors will be given a tropical juice recommended by Kibiro, so you can relax and experience the use of artificial intelligence in the marketing field. In addition, on February 2th (Wednesday), our CTO Takeda gave a lecture entitled "Discovering unknown value from customer feedback-Examples of marketing utilization of artificial intelligence".We will introduce the features of artificial intelligence "KIBIT" and marketing solutions with specific examples.Registration is free.There are only a few seats left (less than 17 seats left), so please apply as soon as possible! * Due to the large number of applications, the capacity has been reached and the pre-registration for the seminar has been closed (as of January 30, 2016). ■ Outline 【名称】マーケティング・テクノロジーフェア 2016(第4回) 【会期】2016年2月16日(火)、17日(水) 10:00~17:30 【会場】東京ビッグサイト 西3・4ホール 【主催】UBMジャパン株式会社 【公式ウェブサイト】 ■ Seminar program [Date] February 2016, 2 (Wednesday) 17: 10-45: 11 [Venue] Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 15 Seminar Venue E [Capacity] 3 seats (free / pre-registration required) [Lecture title] Customer Discovering values ​​that you did not know yet from the voice of FRONTEO Inc.-Examples of marketing utilization of artificial intelligence- [Speaker] FRONTEO Inc. Executive Officer CTO Director of Behavioral Information Science Laboratory / Director of FRONTEO Communications Hideki Takeda [Application / Details] * The capacity has been reached due to a large number of applications, and the advance reception has been closed (as of January 2016, 1) FRONTEO's artificial intelligence "KIBIT"

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