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The first artificial intelligence hackathon will be held!Young engineers use artificial intelligence to try to solve "problems that are there" (May 2015rd and 5th, 23) Co-sponsored by Samurai Incubate

April 2015, 6
Behavioral Information Science Institute
Challenge "the challenges that are there now" with artificial intelligence FRONTEOFor the first hackathon, Samurai, the "artificial intelligence" hackathon is the first attempt.The theme is "solving business issues with artificial intelligence."  Mentors include Yutaka Matsuo, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, and CTO, Toreta, Ltd.We invited Mr. Yuichiro Masui.A large number of applicants, mainly young engineers, will be selected for the lottery. "Only 2This is the end of the day ... ”A high-level presentation that surprises mentors On the first day, 40 selected people were divided into 8 teams and started from Ideathon.At Ideathon, we will summarize the problems to be solved using artificial intelligence technology and their methods.After mentoring in the evening, complete the software by the next day's presentation. The presentation on the second day was a high-level battle, such as a team that actually runs the application and a team that gives a presentation with a skit, and Mr. Masui, a mentor, said, "If something of this level comes out in just two days. I didn't think. " ■ What are the results you care about? ?? This time, in addition to the highest award, we have prepared a total of four awards, including the Masui award, the Matsuo award, and the MVP award given to the most active individuals from the two mentors.By the way, what are the results you are interested in?The Masui Award is a system in which artificial intelligence proposes travel destinations by allowing the user to judge the image displayed by the team "Enigma". "The idea of ​​letting artificial intelligence schedule a trip is very good. I think that if we optimize artificial intelligence according to the application in the future, it will be really usable and useful for everyone. I really appreciated what I thought would be fun if we continued to develop and release it. " (Mr. Masui) The Matsuo Award is a system that analyzes the matching between new graduates of the team "Most Kansai People" and companies and measures the turnover rate in advance. "There were other proposals on the theme of human resources, but most of the Kansai people's proposals made it clear how to use artificial intelligence for issues. Furthermore, using this proposal I also appreciate the high feasibility of actually solving the problem of matching new graduates with companies. " (Mr. Matsuo) And the highest award is a system that artificial intelligence judges the quality of communication content between the opposite sex of the team "humorous" and supports dating. The reality of the problem and the point that I wanted to use if there was an actual service.In addition, I highly appreciate the attitude toward development that we actually used the API from an early stage and proceeded with development while repeating trial and error. " (Our CTO Takeda) Mr. Mukaiyama, who led the team "Humorous" to the highest award due to his outstanding leadership, was selected as the Hackathon MVP.Congratulations to all the award winners! ■ Overview of mentors Matsuo and Masui "There were a lot of interesting presentations on how to use machine learning. This artificial intelligence hackathon reminded us of the potential for big data and machine learning. I think everyone who participated felt the same thing. I think it was a very meaningful initiative. " (Mr. Matsuo) "A wave of new technologies such as broadband and smartphones is coming in a 10-year cycle, but artificial intelligence is currently booming. Artificial intelligence is something that has never existed before, depending on the idea. It has the potential to create and make a big difference in our lives. I hope that we will continue to develop using artificial intelligence and create interesting things. " (Mr. Masui) Artificial intelligence hackathon will be held in the future! After the results were announced, the social gathering was a peaceful atmosphere for both the participants and the mentors, and I felt that these two days were a fulfilling time. FRONTEO will continue to work with as many people as possible to solve business issues with artificial intelligence by holding hackathons.Next time we look forward to. Reference link: 2015年 0526Japan UBIC Samurai Incubate Holds "Artificial Intelligence Hackathon" -Young Engineers Compete for Business Utilization of Artificial Intelligence-

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