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Our executive officer will give a lecture at Nikkei BP "Information Leakage Countermeasure Seminar"

April 2015, 3
Product Marketing Department
Yoshikatsu Shirai, an executive officer of our company, will give a lecture at the Nikkei BP "Information Leakage Countermeasure Seminar" to be held on March 2015, 3 (Wednesday).Please see below for details of the lectures and seminars.  [Outline of FRONTEO lecture] ■ Lecture date and time:Wednesday, March 2015, 3 25: 16-00: 16 (40 minutes) ■ Lecture title:"Effectiveness of artificial intelligence in preventing information leakage" ■ Outline of lecture: "Artificial intelligence" has been widely featured in the news these days, but it is said that it is not out of the scope of research because we have not heard much about it being used in actual businesses and solutions. Is "artificial intelligence" really useful?Here, I would like to introduce how it can be used in response to the familiar crisis of information leakage. [Outline of Information Leakage Countermeasure Seminar] Date and time: Wednesday, March 2015, 3 25: 10-50: 17 (Scheduled to open at 30:10) Meeting place: Meguro Gajoen 30F (2-1-8 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) Official HP:

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