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President and CEO Masahiro Morimoto gave a lecture at Sophia University common course "Creating II (Career Development II)"

December 2022, 10

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO of FRONTEO, gave a lecture at Sophia University's course "Tsuru II (Career Formation II)" titled "Working at a Startup Company".Professor Shoichiro Takehara of the Department of Creative Science and Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University is the coordinator of this course. In this course, students practice specific activity methods to go out into the world and form a better career in an organization such as a company. I aim to learn.

Before the lecture, Director Nagayama of FRONTEO explained that he wanted students to acquire "discussion ability", "presentation ability", and "teamwork" through this course.

Ms. Taeko Nagayama, Outside Director of FRONTEO Co., Ltd.

Morimoto explained how FRONTEO has changed since its startup (startup), and after explaining the business details and proprietary AI, etc., he introduced his own thoughts while looking back on the time when he started the business.The students listened intently to Morimoto's story, and after the lecture, asked questions such as, "How should we recruit employees immediately after starting a business?" ?” and so on.

      Q&A session after the lecture         

From now on, the students will work on creating a start-up plan and working in groups to prepare for the final presentation in January next year on issues that are expected in the "dawn of the enterprise" and the "expansion period."Not only students who are seriously thinking about starting a business, but also those who are interested and curious, will be able to get useful hints for practice, such as how to prepare for starting a business and how to fill the gap between ideals and reality. We hope that it will be of help in building your career.

At the same lecture held last year, Morimoto gave a lecture titled "Challenges for the social implementation of AI - How can Japanese companies become the best in the world with AI?"

      (Left) Professor Shoichiro Takehara, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sophia University
      (Right) Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO of FRONTEO Co., Ltd.

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