Started a joint project between the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo

2023.03.14 Press release

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Started a joint project between the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
2-12-23 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Code number: 2158 TSE Growth)

    FRONTEO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Morimoto, hereinafter referred to as FRONTEO) announced that it has started a joint project on economic security with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo. increase.

    This project will be implemented with the cooperation of Specially Appointed Lecturer Akira Igata in the same field.Dr. Igata is engaged in comparative research on economic security policies of various countries, human rights diplomacy related to economic sanctions and supply chain resilience, rule-making related to cellular agriculture related to food security and economic growth, disinformation and His main research areas include foreign intervention policy in response to influence manipulation, and analysis of the impact of economic security issues on international politics.

    FRONTEO uses its own economic security AI solution (researchers, supply chain, shareholder control mapping) to analyze the US-China conflict and economic security, and disseminate the results in papers, reports, and international seminars. I plan to.In addition, we are collaborating and conducting joint research with domestic and foreign companies that have various technologies related to human rights due diligence in supply chains (initiatives for companies to identify, prevent, and mitigate human rights risks related to their business activities). We will also consider efforts to analyze and research the international situation regarding changes in corporate behavior.

    Through this project, FRONTEO will strive to further accumulate and deepen knowledge in the area of ​​economic security, provide high-quality services to Japanese companies, and respond to overseas companies such as the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, for which inquiries have been increasing in recent years. We will contribute to the activities of domestic and foreign companies, institutions, governments, etc.

   The impact of this matter alone on the business results for the current fiscal year is minor, but we will promptly notify you if there are any matters to be disclosed.

FRONTEO uses in-house developed AI engines "KIBIT", "Concept Encoder" and "Looca Cross" that specialize in natural language processing. We are a data analysis company that extracts meaningful and important information from vast amounts of text data and complex networks to support corporate businesses. Since its founding in August 2003, it has been operating globally in Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, with a focus on legal tech businesses such as "e-discovery (electronic discovery)" and "digital forensic investigations" that support international corporate litigation. has been developed.Based on the AI ​​technology cultivated in this business, since 8, we have expanded our business fields to the life science field, business intelligence field, and economic security field. We contribute to solving the problems of various companies, such as drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, and financial/personnel/sales support. June 2014, 2007 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (currently Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth). In January 6, we acquired the first-class medical device manufacturing and sales license (permit number: 26B2021X1), and in September of the same year, we submitted a controlled medical device sales business (report number: 13 Minato Misei device No. 1).Capital 10350 thousand yen (as of March 9, 3).

* FRONTEO, KIBIT, conceptencoder, and Looca Cross are registered trademarks of FRONTEO in Japan.



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