[Seminar Information] US Patent Litigation at the International Trade Commission

2021.12.06 Information

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[Seminar Information] US Patent Litigation at the International Trade Commission

Knobbe Martens Law Firm Co-sponsored Online Seminar

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
2-12-23 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Code number: 2158 TSE Mothers)

 FRONTEO Inc. will hold an online seminar "US Patent Proceedings at the International Trade Commission" on December 12th, co-sponsored by law firm Knobbe Martens.


 In this webinar, an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer will explain the characteristics of US patent litigation at the International Trade Commission (ITC) and its impact on Japanese companies doing business in the United States.First, in recent years, the number of cases where ITC is used as a place for patent proceedings is increasing, and after explaining the important characteristics of jurisdiction, discovery, trials, etc. in proceedings in ITC, foreign companies, especially Japan. Consider these patent proceedings against a company.In addition, we will introduce specific and effective methods for Japanese companies to utilize the form of patent proceedings in ITC.At the same time, we will tell you about the latest trends in US law regarding ITC procedures, such as the relationship with the procedures of the Patent Office, the use of pilot programs, the latest information on domestic industry, the latest information to be noted, and the key points for Japanese companies. ..



[Seminar Outline]
Date and time:Wednesday, December 2021, 12 8: 10-00: 11
form:Held online (Zoom)
 Sheila Swaroop (Knobbe Martens Partner Attorney)
 Irfan Lateef (Knobbe Martens Partner Attorney)
 Vlad Lobatchev (Director of Engagement Management & Data Science, FRONTEO USA)
 Shiho Tanaka (Vice President, Sales & Marketing Division, FRONTEO USA)
Participation conditions:Law firms and free email addresses are not allowed to participate.
 --Differences in patent proceedings in the International Trade Commission and their impact on Japanese companies
 --The role of analytics and technology in cross-border patent proceedings (panel discussion)
 --Q & A session


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■ About Sheila Swaroop Lawyer
Swaroop has been an agile litigation attorney on behalf of companies of all sizes, from fast-growing small businesses to well-positioned major brands and market leaders.With a wide range of industry experience and technical know-how, we handle a wide range of fields such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and dental equipment, and consumer goods.A patent attorney registered with the Patent Office, in addition to pre-litigation strategies and exercise of patent rights, general trials, appeals, and trials in patent dispute proceedings in the Federal District Court, International Trade Commission (ITC), and Patent Tribunal (PTAB). I am giving advice.

■ About Irfan Lateef Lawyer
Lateef has nearly 20 years of extensive experience in litigation, negotiation, risk management, tactical brand development, technology-focused initiatives and strategic intellectual property mobilization. In addition to being named the "World Patent Expert Leader" in the Patent 1000 Guide of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), it is also featured in the "Legal 500".In addition, he has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Intellectual Property Lawyers in California" by the Daily Journal for his ability as an agent for Toshiba.He is also an expert in resolving IP disputes on behalf of Japanese companies, and is an advisor to Toshiba, Canon Medical, Furuno Seisakusho, Keylex, Takata, Panasonic Avionics, and others.

■ About Knobbe Martens URL:https://www.knobbe.com/
As an innovation agent, Knobbe Martens provides clients around the world with advanced intellectual property and technology legal services and agency services. With over 275 lawyers and scientists, we are the largest and fastest growing IP law firm in all areas of technology and intellectual property rights.Combining unparalleled technology and litigation expertise, we deliver outstanding results in both trading and dispute cases, from cutting-edge start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.Our clients range from physics to pharmaceuticals, entertainment to engineering.


Public Relations Officer, FRONTEO Inc.

Email: pr_contact@fronteo.com

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