2021.11.30 Media information

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The business alliance with Suzuken for the distribution of AI medical devices was featured in various media newspapers.

Announced on October 2021, 11Business alliance between Suzuken Co., Ltd. and FRONTEO for distribution of AI medical devicesWas introduced in the following media.


Jiji Press News (with 11/25)
"Business alliance with Suzuken and FRONTEO = AI diagnosis development for dementia"

AnswersNews (with 11/25)
"Pharmaceutical industry today's news summary reading (November 2021, 11) Suzuken and FRONTEO form a business alliance and cooperate in the spread of AI medical devices"

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (with 11/26)
"Business alliance with Fronteo Suzuken AI medical device sales support"

Mid-Japan Economist (with 11/26)
"Partnership to sales of dementia diagnostic equipment_Suzuken and FRONTEO"

Mix online (with 11/26)
"Business alliance between FRONTEO and Suzuken for sales and distribution of" Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program ""

Daily pharmaceutical industry (with 11/26)
"Business alliance with domestic distribution of dementia diagnosis support AI program FRONTEO_Suzuken"

Nikkei Cross Tech (with 11/29)
"FRONTEO and Suzuken form a business alliance for early market penetration of AI for dementia diagnosis support"

Yakuji Nippo (with 11/29)
"Business alliance with FRONTEO Building a distribution network for AI medical devices Suzuken, FRONTEO"

The Chemical Daily (with 11/29)
"Suzuken Partners for Sales of Dementia Diagnosis Program"

■ About "Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program"this.

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