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By adopting FRONTEO and Microsoft Azure, business efficiency in the legal tech AI area in the United States has been improved.

AI-based e-discovery / digital forensic platform "KIBIT Automator" runs on Microsoft Azure, the world's highest level security environment

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
東京 都 港区 港 南 2-12-23
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FRONTEO Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Morimoto, hereinafter FRONTEO) has received technical support from Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., and is an e-discovery / digital forensic platform that utilizes FRONTEO's AI. We are announcing that "KIBIT Automator" (Note 1) will be available on the cloud platform "Microsoft Azure" provided by Microsoft (US first).


By migrating "KIBIT Automator" to Microsoft Azure, which has the world's largest network and high reliability, it has become possible to ensure redundancy and provide services under a robust security infrastructure.


The discovery system in US courts requires finding evidence documents from a huge amount of documents within a limited amount of time. FRONTEO has developed an e-discovery / digital forensic platform "KIBIT Automator" that utilizes AI for the purpose of improving the efficiency of discovery operations, and has already started operation in the United States and Japan.We have achieved results such as reducing the amount of documents subject to review by lawyers by up to 90% and significantly speeding up the amount of review documents per hour to more than 650 (30-40 documents / hour visually by humans). increase.By running this KIBIT Automator on Microsoft Azure, the business goes down when a Microsoft Azure client is involved in a US civil lawsuit or regulatory investigation, or when a compliance violation investigation or audit is required. Discovery can be completed in a short period of time without causing time.In addition, the size of the project can be expanded or reduced according to the scale of the project, leading to cost optimization.


FRONTEO will start offering KIBIT Automator on Microsoft Azure in the United States, where prompt response is required for discovery.


Microsoft AzureReason for adoption
Microsoft Azure has the world's highest level of fully managed and robust security.It also has the features of high availability and high expandability.Most of the data handled by discovery is highly confidential to companies, and a highly secure environment is required.In addition, because it processes petabytes of data, Microsoft Azure has an environment in which data can be analyzed without sacrificing business continuity, both in terms of cost and quality of service. I think it's the best choice. The Azure Migration and Modernization Program, a migration support program, has been enhanced, making it possible to migrate a large-scale data center with more than 500 virtual machines that were previously in operation in a short period of time.


Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Partner Business Headquarters Enterprise Partner Sales Headquarters  
    Business executive officer General Manager Nonaka Satoshi's comment
"Microsoft Japan sincerely welcomes FRONTEO's KIBIT Automator, a pioneer of eDiscovery / digital forensics in Japan, to run on Microsoft Azure.

For companies, disputes with other companies, including proceedings, can lead to reputation risk as well as financial risk, so prompt action is required.In addition, a safe, secure and scalable platform will be required to process a large amount of sensitive document data related to litigation.

Microsoft plans to invest more than $ 10 billion in security each year and $ 5 billion over the next five years to create a secure cloud environment.In addition, when it comes to protecting your data, we have more than 200 compliance certifications, and Microsoft thoroughly protects your data without diversion without your permission.

By collaborating with FRONTEO, we are pleased to be able to promptly respond to litigation proceedings by client companies, quickly grasp the situation and take countermeasures, and contribute to the convergence of the situation at an early stage. increase.

Microsoft Japan will continue to cooperate strongly with FRONTEO toward the social implementation of safe and secure AI. "


■ FRONTEO President and CEO Morimoto Masahiro's comment
"By this collaboration with Microsoft, it will be possible to run FRONTEO's proud e-discovery / digital forensic platform" KIBIT Automator "on Azure, which is highly secure and extensible, and when the need for discovery arises. Is pleased to be able to provide an environment where eDiscovery can be started quickly. FRONTEO will continue to provide new value by utilizing the power of technology in order to contribute to the emergency response support of client companies and the strengthening of the information management system during normal times. "



* Microsoft and Azure are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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(Note 1) KIBIT Automator   URL: https://legal.fronteo.com/products/kibit-automator/

"KIBIT Automator" improves the efficiency of document review work in electronic discovery (e-discovery), reduces the burden on workers, and reduces costs, among other discoveries required in the trial proceedings of US civil proceedings. An AI tool developed for the purpose, released in March 2019.We apply the research method used in discovery and utilize AI to examine and analyze large-capacity e-mails and electronic files that are evidence materials.In recent years, it is expected to respond to the short-term information disclosure required of companies.


(Note 2) What is eDiscovery?
Among the discovery procedures required in the trial procedures of US civil lawsuits, those dealing with electronic documents in particular. Also called "electronic discovery".



FRONTEO uses the in-house developed AI engines "KIBIT", "Concept Encoder", and "Looca Cross" that specialize in natural language processing to extract meaningful and important information from a huge amount of text data, and is a company. It is a data analysis company that supports the business of. Since its establishment in August 2003, it has been expanding globally to Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, focusing on legal tech businesses such as "e-discovery (electronic discovery)" and "digital forensic investigation" that support corporate international litigation. Has been deployed.Based on the AI ​​technology cultivated in this business, we will expand the business field to the life science field, business intelligence field, and economic security from 8, and by using AI to "turn text data into knowledge", We contribute to solving various corporate issues such as drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, financial, personnel, and sales support. Listed on TSE Mothers on June 2014, 2007. Obtained a first-class medical device manufacturing and sales business license in January 6 (permit number: 26B2021X1), and notified the managed medical device sales business in September of the same year (notification number: 13 Minato Misei Equipment No. 1).The capital is 10350 thousand yen (as of March 9, 3).


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