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FRONTEO Holds Online Seminar with US Law Firm Covington & Burling LLP

AI and Technology Assisted Review-Best practices and cutting-edge challenges in litigation and investigation

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
東京 都 港区 港 南 2-12-23
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 FRONTEO Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Morimoto, hereinafter FRONTEO) announced on September 9 that Covington & Burling LLP (Headquarters: Washington DC, USA, Management Committee Chair: Doug Gibson) ), An online seminar "AI and Technology Assisted Review-Best Practices and Cutting-edge Issues in Litigation and Investigation" will be held.


 The proceedings in the United States stipulate that electronic data and documents that can be evidence should be submitted by the due date in accordance with appropriate procedures in order to disclose evidence and sort out the issues before the trial. increase.The work of handling this electronic data is called e-discovery (electronic discovery system), and corporations involved in proceedings need urgently and appropriately from a huge amount of information in order not to create a disadvantageous situation in the proceedings. Sorting information is essential. This information sorting (review) stage occupies the most time and cost in e-discovery, and in recent years, the amount of electronic data generated by communication such as documents handled by companies and communication such as e-mail and chat has increased. Against the background of this, work efficiency is being improved by utilizing AI in the review process.


 In this seminar, a veteran lawyer of a major US law firm who has abundant experience and knowledge in TAR (Technology Assisted Review) will be invited as a lecturer, and the latest issues in US litigation and how to utilize artificial intelligence will be invited. We will focus on the best practices in litigation and large-scale investigations, the latest trends in TAR, and technologies that are likely to be accepted by government agencies and litigation partners.In addition, we will introduce legal, analytical and technical strategies that have been successful in the past, strategies that are likely to be effective in the future, and discuss applicable case law.


[Seminar Outline]
Date and time:2021 year 9 month 30 day (Thursday) 9: 30 to 10: 30
form:Held online (Zoom)
 Edward H. Rippey (Covington & Burling LLP Partner Attorney)
 Maria Georges (Covington & Burling LLP Special Counsel)
 Vlad Lobatchev (Director of Engagement Management & Data Science, FRONTEO USA)
 Shiho Tanaka (Vice President, Sales & Marketing Division, FRONTEO USA)
 Brian Moore (FRONTEO USA Technical Fellow)
 Globally active lawyers discuss the latest challenges in proceedings and investigations and how to use artificial intelligence.Best practices in large-scale proceedings and investigations, new trends in the area of ​​reviews (TAR) using technologies such as computers and AI, technologies and strategies that are likely to be accepted by government agencies and opponents of proceedings, etc. Introduced based on successful cases.
 --TAR: Latest best practices and new usage
 --Problems found in surveys by DOJ (US Department of Justice), pharmaceutical industry, etc.
 --Legal and technical strategies that can be used for complex problems (panel discussion)


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About Edward H. Rippey Attorney
 Rippey is a lawyer who specializes in complex litigation cases in various fields, and is rich in patents, antitrust violations, copyright, securities, pharmaceuticals, transportation, telecommunications, energy, mining, games, and sports related litigation. I have a lot of experience. He is the co-head of Covington & Burling LLP's Game Industry Group and represents integrated resort facilities and game makers, including casinos around the world.He is also the head of the eDiscovery and Information Management Group, representing large multinational corporations in the field.
 Rippey is consistently ranked high by rating agencies such as Chambers Global, Chambers USA, Who's Who Legal and Super Lawyers. Chambers describes him as a "smart and forward-thinking" litigation lawyer who "combines expertise with outstanding litigation skills, affidavit analysis, and case supervision."

About Maria Georges Lawyer
 Georges directs large-scale proceedings and investigations, especially defending companies in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, finance and technology fields.He is also the leader of the eDiscovery and Information Management Group, with a reputation for legal and technical capabilities in dealing with the most complex and difficult issues that arise in the areas of AI and TAR, and measures the success and outcome of TAR. He is also an analysis expert.In addition, he has many years of experience negotiating eDiscovery issues with major US government agencies such as the US Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities Trade Commission, and the US State Attorney General.

■ About Covington & Burling LLP
 Covington & Burling LLP is a law firm founded in 1919 in Washington, DC, USA.It has 13 offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and has more than 1,300 lawyers. Accenture's Outstanding Counsel Diversity Award (2021), The American Lawyer's Global Legal Awards (2017), The A-List (2003-2006, 2008-2012, 2014, 2016-2018) and many more Has an award-winning history.

■ About FRONTEO URL:https://www.fronteo.com/
 FRONTEO uses the in-house developed AI engine "KIBIT" and "concept encoder" specializing in natural language processing to extract meaningful and important information from a huge amount of text data to support corporate business. A data analysis company. Since its establishment in August 2003, it has been expanding globally to Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, focusing on legal tech businesses such as "e-discovery (electronic discovery)" and "digital forensic investigation" that support international litigation of companies. Has been deployed.Based on the AI ​​technology cultivated in the legal tech business, we expanded the business field to the life science field, business intelligence field, and economic security from 8, and by using AI to "turn text data into knowledge" , Drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, financial / personnel / sales support, etc., contributing to solving various corporate issues. Listed on TSE Mothers on June 2014, 2007. Obtained a first-class medical device manufacturing and sales business license in January 6 (permit number: 26B2021X1), and notified the managed medical device sales business in April of the same year (notification number: 13 Minato Misei Equipment No. 1).The capital is 10350 thousand yen (as of March 9, 3).

* FRONTEO, conceptencoder, and KIBIT are registered trademarks of FRONTEO in Japan.

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