2021.09.06 News

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FRONTEO representative Morimoto took the stage at the "AMED Next Generation Medical Device Cooperation Base Development Project Symposium"

 On Saturday, September 9, FRONTEO representative Morimoto took the stage at the "AMED Next-Generation Medical Device Collaboration Center Development Project Symposium" sponsored by the Clinical Research Promotion Center of Tohoku University Hospital.


 The symposium consisted of sessions by four companies and two panel discussions under the theme of "New entry into the medical business and the secrets of business model change", in which Morimoto said, "Development from legal tech business to life science business. I talked about the theme of "Challenge".In the question and answer session, we received multiple questions, such as how we found needs that matched our technology, and introduced actual examples at FRONTEO.


 In the panel discussion, Professor Fumiaki Ikeno of Stanford University served as a moderator, and with ZOZO Co., Ltd. and teachers of Tohoku University Hospital, we exchanged opinions on the reasons for entering the medical / healthcare field and future business expansion. , I explained that FRONTEO plans to make the life science business one of its main businesses and its philosophy.We also heard very meaningful stories from the teachers, such as how to deal with barriers to entry, and we believe that they gave us hints for expanding FRONTEO's life science business in the future.

Reiwa 3rd AMED Next-generation medical device cooperation base development business symposium
"The secret to new entry into the medical business and business model change"


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