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[Webinar held on 5/13] Enforced on April 4st next year!Amendment of Personal Information Protection Law and Practical Response

2021th of February 4
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【Overview of held】

◆ Title: Enforced on April 4st next year!Amendment of Personal Information Protection Law and Practical Response
◆ Date: May 2021, 5 (Thursday) 13: 15-00: 16
◆ Lecturer: Nishimura & Asahi Law Office Frankfurt & Dusseldorf Office Co-Representative Partner Tomoya Ishikawa
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Registered as a lawyer in 2006. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 2005, graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law (LL.M.) in 2015, graduated from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in 2016 (LL.M.), and registered as a New York State Lawyer in 2017. He provides advice to many Japanese companies on compliance with global personal information protection legislation and data regulations such as GDPR, and has many related lectures and writing articles.No. 2019 in the overall ranking (corporate vote + lawyer vote) in the "data-related field" of the "lawyer ranking that was active in 1" by Nihon Keizai Inc. Selected in the fields of IT, personal information, and ventures by "Lawyer".
Office Overview
Nishimura & Asahi Law Office is Japan's largest comprehensive law firm with over 700 lawyers and other specialists.The Data Protection Practice Group cooperates with 14 overseas bases (2020 bases in Germany, the United States, Southeast Asian countries, etc.) to comply with the data protection laws of each country such as the Personal Information Protection Law, GDPR, CCPA / CPRA, and PDPA in Thailand. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with cyber attack and ransomware.In addition to publishing the "Personal Information Protection / Data Protection Regulation Newsletter" every month, in 2020, "Personal Information Protection Law Encyclopedia" (Commercial Law) and "XNUMX Personal Information Protection Law Amendment and Practical Response" ( Shoji Homu) and "Immediately Understand CCPA Practical Responses" (Chuokeizai-sha) are published.
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