2021.04.28 News

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Multiple candidate drugs have been approved based on the results of FRONTEO's April 2020 study on COVID-4.

 FRONTEO went in April 2020Study on COVID-19Of the candidate drugs derived in, multiple candidate drugs have been entered into clinical trials to date, and two of them have been approved by the regulatory affairs.


The announced candidate drugs and the subsequent approval status are as follows.


 Dexamethasone Approved July 2020, 7

 Baricitinib Approved April 2021, 4

 Tocilizumab not applicable

 Nafamostat not applicable


Reference: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) Medical Guide, Version 4.2'


Click here for 450 candidate compounds derived from FRONTEO's AI.


(XNUMX) Outline of search for candidate drugs using AI

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