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Participated in the "Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment System by AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hospital" project in the "Cabinet Office Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)"

Cooperate as an institution that conducts "research and development of equipment, systems, services, etc." in projects aiming at the construction of highly secure medical information databases centered on AI, the extraction of useful medical information using them, and the development of analysis technology.

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
東京 都 港区 港 南 2-12-23
(Code number: 2158 TSE Mothers)

 FRONTEO Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Morimoto, hereinafter FRONTEO) was adopted in the second phase of the "Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)" established by the Cabinet Office in 2014. It has been decided to cooperate in the "Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment System by AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hospital" project.


 This "advanced diagnosis / treatment system using AI (artificial intelligence) hospital" project develops, builds, and socially implements an "AI hospital system" that uses the latest technologies such as AI and IoT to provide advanced medical services. In addition to providing it, we aim to drastically reduce the burden on medical professionals such as doctors and nurses against the background of the recent shortage of medical professionals. Among them, FRONTEO will provide technical cooperation in the field of research and development of devices, systems, services, etc., including AI technology, in "Construction of highly secure medical information database system / development of medical useful information extraction technology" called sub-theme A. I will continue to do it.


 The project aims to realize a more accurate diagnostic assistance / treatment support system by utilizing AI, but in the background, words in the medical field are highly specialized and are installed in general dictionaries. Since it has not been done, improving voice recognition and language recognition ability has become a major issue.In general, it is possible to solve these problems by constructing a glossary or dictionary, but FRONTEO is based on Harris's distribution hypothesis that "the meaning of a word is defined by the words that appear around it." In addition, we aim to establish the following technologies by utilizing our unique distributed expression method that vectorizes words and sentences.


1. Standardization of objective medical terms based on statistical indicators

2. Collection of vocabulary that classifies and arranges word meanings according to Distributional Hypothesis and similarities, conflicts, and inclusion relationships of related words.

3. Establish an information infrastructure that structures and integrates patient information by vectorizing patient information according to the above and parallelizing and connecting it with all numerical data.


 By expressing individual medical information as a vector, it becomes possible to easily compare with patients who have similar vectors (symptoms), and not only changes in symptoms but also information on the effects and reactions of treatment. It is possible to search and visualize as.If treatments that are expected to be effective can be applied based on the healing results of past patients with similar symptoms and test values, it may contribute not only to reducing the burden on patients but also to reducing medical expenses. ..We would like to apply deep learning and machine learning methods to such search methods to contribute to diagnostic prediction by AI and support for personalized medicine.



Cabinet Office Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)

SIP is a national project created to realize science and technology innovation in Japan.Under the direction of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, which is one of the advisory bodies of the Cabinet Office, the purpose is to promote initiatives with an eye on everything from basic research to practical application and commercialization.



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FRONTEO  URL: https://www.fronteo.com/

FRONTEO supports corporate business by extracting meaningful and important information from a huge amount of text data using the in-house developed AI engine "KIBIT®" and "concept encoder®" that specialize in natural language processing. It is a data analysis company. Since its establishment in August 2003, it has been expanding globally to Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, with a focus on legal tech businesses such as "e-discovery (electronic discovery)" and "digital forensic investigation" that support international litigation of companies. Has been deployed.Based on the AI ​​technology cultivated in the legal tech business, we will expand the business field to the life science field and business intelligence field from 8, and use AI to "turn text data into knowledge" to support drug discovery. , Dementia diagnosis support, financial, personnel, sales support, etc., contributing to solving various corporate issues. Listed on TSE Mothers on June 2014, 2007.The capital is 6 thousand yen (as of March 26, 2,568,651).


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