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Executive Officer Nozaki takes the stage at the 11th ACFE Japan Conference hosted by ACFE

2020th of February 11

FRONTEO's Executive Officer Nozaki gave a lecture entitled "Examples of AI Utilization in Evidence Document Review (Japan / US)" (recorded version will be distributed from October 10th).


Count the 11th time this yearACFE JAPAN ConferenceHowever, this year it was held online in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus. Live distribution will take place on October 2020, 10, and recording distribution will begin on October 9 (until November 10).

FRONTEO also exhibited a booth at the conference every year, but this year we cooperated in the form of a platinum sponsor.This time, we will deliver the state of the conference delivered in the recorded version and the outline of the sponsor session.


This conference, which was held under the theme of "Light the way. ~ Risk measures that companies in the New Normal era should tackle ~", was held in Part 4 "New common sense in the New Normal era" and Part XNUMX "DX (Digital Transformer)". The event was held in four parts: "New Risks Brought by Formation", Part XNUMX: Special Lecture, and Part XNUMX "Proposals for Experts and Practitioners in Countermeasures against Fraud in the New Era".

In Part XNUMX, "New Common Knowledge in the New Normal Era," Professor Noriyuki Yanagikawa of the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo gave a keynote speech entitled "Society that Digitalization Changes and Countermeasures against Fraud in the Future." After talking about the future issues of anti-fraud measures against it, Dr. Haruhiko Higuchi, a professor of personnel affairs at the Police Agency, with the Police Policy Research Center of the Police College, entitled "Corporate Governance in the New Era", and the speed of change in the future. We have made recommendations to management, saying that we will be in an era in which companies that can respond smoothly to the situation will survive, and management competence will be required, and at the same time, governance will also be required to be more aggressive and speedy.

In Part 2, "New Risks Brought by DX (Digital Transformation)," FRONTEO Executive Officer Nozaki gave a lecture entitled "Examples of AI Utilization in Evidence Document Review (Japan / US)."It explains how AI can be used for information disclosure in international proceedings and document reviews for fraud investigations to streamline reviews and significantly reduce costs and time, along with the actual work flow.Next, Motoichi Endo of Tokyo Kasumigaseki Law Office entitled "Countermeasures against Corporate Fraud Accounting in the New Normal Era", what is New Normal, changes in the environment surrounding companies, changes in the risk of fraud, He explained about possible fraudulent accounting risks and countermeasures against fraudulent accounting risks.The final session of Part 3 was moderated by Motohiko Nakamura, a professor at the Graduate School of Accounting, Chibashoka University, Daisuke Kawada, ICT engineer, and Masatoshi Shigaki, Senior Manager, IT Audit Department, KPMG AZSA LLC, Tokyo Kasumigaseki. This is a panel discussion entitled "What are the new risks of DX?" By Mr. Motoichi Endo, a law firm lawyer. In addition to opinions from the perspectives of information and communication technology / accounting / auditing / law regarding new risks caused by DX, the risks caused by the impact of COVID-19, which is often talked about on the downside, are also discussed in business and daily life. Opinions were exchanged on the positive side (the side that is likely to lead to profits).

The special lecture of Part XNUMX was given by Hironori Kato, Deputy Director General of Shizuoka, Asahi Shimbun, entitled "Who belongs to the company from the perspective of corporate scandals?" Mr. Joji Okada, a councilor, talked about the function of corporate governance and its importance, using actual cases as examples, under the title of "Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Money Receipt Problem: What should Audit & Supervisory Board Members Do?"

The fourth part, entitled "Proposals for Experts and Practitioners in Countermeasures against Fraud in the New Era," was written by Shinji Hatta, Professor Emeritus of Aoyama Gakuin University and Chairman of the ACFE JAPAN Board of Trustees. Under the title of "Five Recommendations for Ensuring Sexuality," a third-party committee introduced when fraud or misconduct occurring in a company, organization, group, or institution is exposed is truly effective and effective. Explains the measures that are indispensable for making certain verifications and recommendations.

This time, it was in the form of a video distribution version, but I am grateful for the opportunity to give a lecture at the same event as everyone who is well known in the fraud investigation world.If FRONTEO's solution can help many companies reduce the burden of document review in discovery and fraud investigation in order to live in the "New Normal era" where various things are completely different from the past. I'm happy.


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