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FRONTEO AI Innovation Forum 2020 held

On October 10, the second private conference "FRONTEO AI Innovation Forum 27" sponsored by FRONTEO was held online following last year.

Last year, under the title of "AI Business Innovation Forum 2019," speakers from our company and related companies gave lectures on issues and know-how for utilizing AI, which were well received.This year, the degree of AI utilization in the world and the momentum for promoting DX are increasing, so we have taken a step further from how to utilize AI and focused on how to achieve results after utilizing it. We had lectures from our user companies and related companies who are in the stage of "challenge for size".

The keynote speech was given by Dr. Yukio Osawa, a strategic advisor of our Institute of Behavioral Information Science, Dr. Takayuki Mizuno, our technical advisor in the development of solutions for OSINT, and Mr. Makoto Koizumi from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He talked about the situation of technology utilization such as AI and the way of thinking for achieving results.

In the afternoon, starting with Professor Fujio Toriumi, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Cipharma Co., Ltd. and Covington & Burling Law Offices in the legal tech division, and Yokohama Bank, Ltd. and Nerima Ward in the business intelligence division. In the child and family support center, AGC Co., Ltd., and the life science division, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Co., Ltd. will be on stage to discuss the utilization status of our AI products. He talked about the road to introduction and future prospects.

Throughout all the lectures, about 1,000 people participated, and even in the questionnaire, "I got the feeling that it can be used in-house", "It was an opportunity to reconsider how to deal with AI", "I am blindly incorporating AI. Participants shared the know-how to "challenge the magnitude of the results" that we wanted to convey through this event, with positive answers such as "The results of AI utilization were conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner." I felt that I was able to take it home.

You can see the lecture (video) of the day from here.Please take a look even if you couldn't attend on the day.


– Morning session
Guest keynote speech "Make your own" ruler "of the size of the result"
 Yukio Osawa (Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Crosstalk "Discovering Opportunities in a Complex Global Order"
 Mr. Takayuki Mizuno (Technical Advisor, FRONTEO Inc.)
 Hideki Takeda (Director, CTO, FRONTEO Inc. / Director, Institute for Behavioral Information Science)

Guest Keynote Speech "Beyond the Structural Problems Behind the Shortage of AI Human Resources"
 Makoto Koizumi (Assistant Manager, Information Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

– Afternoon
Guest Lecture "Understanding Computational Social Science! Infodemic Risk in SNS"
 Fujio Toriumi (Associate Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Financial industry AI session "Efforts to check compliance of reception record books using AI"
 Mr. Hiroya Ota (Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., Digital Strategy Department, Strategic Planning Group)

Life Science AI Cross Talk "Potential of Digital Healthcare in a Super Aging Society"
 Mr. Norihiro Oyama (Executive Executive Officer, General Manager of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Division, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.)
 Masahiro Morimoto (President and CEO of FRONTEO Inc.)

Government / Municipal AI Session "Child Abuse Response and AI Utilization Nerima Ward Case"
 Kaoru Imai (Director, Nerima Children's Family Support Center, Nerima Ward)

Manufacturing AI session "Technology and skill transfer at glass manufacturing sites using Takumi KIBIT"
 Makoto Inoue (Manager, Tank Kiln Equipment Group, Production Control Department, Production Control Department, Display Business Headquarters, AGC Inc.)

Life Science AI Session "Innovation of Drug Discovery Process Utilizing AI"
 Hiroyuki Tsunoda (Director, Drug Discovery Fundamentals Research Department, Research Division, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Legal Tech AI Cross Talk "Information Leakage Cases and Dark Web Investigation Using AI"
 Koichi Saito (Vice President, Cipharma Co., Ltd./Business Development)
 Shusaku Nozaki (FRONTEO Inc. Executive Officer, Chief Engineer)

Legal Tech AI Crosstalk "Corporate Proceedings and AI Utilization"
 Edward H. Rippey (Partner, Covington & Burling)
 Lilith Bat-Leah (Senior Director, Data Science & Strategy FRONTEO USA, Inc.)

Life Science AI Cross Talk "Next Generation AI Drug Discovery"
 Masayuki Ii (Head of Integrated Translational Research, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.)
 Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba (FRONTEO Inc. Life Science AI CTO)

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