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Our data scientists helped translate the "Business Data Science Textbook"


Currently, in "Business Data Science Textbook" by Matt Taddy published by Subarusha, FRONTEO's data scientists, Takeo Inoue and Yuichi Umemoto, Data Analysis Team, Customer Success Business Headquarters, Institute of Behavioral Information Science Takafumi Kiyomasa of the research and development team cooperated in the translation.Inoue, who was in charge of translation in the main, is published in the book as a translator.


[Book introduction "Business data science textbook"]

This book is intended to train data scientists who can contribute to business decision-making for those who do not have specialized education in data science.An author who has worked in both business and academia, he explains the principles and best practices of data science in business in an easy-to-understand and accurate manner.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction page of this book of Subarusha:

■ Matt Taddy has written a perfect and thoughtful book on the statistics that underlie the use of big data.This wonderful material is packed with examples, techniques and insights.Unlike many machine learning materials, this book addresses the problem that correlation is not causal and provides a way to get a reliable interpretation of the data.

——— Preston McAfee [Former Microsoft Chief Economist and Vice President Yahoo! Vice President Chief Economist Google Research Director Professor and Executive Officer, California Institute of Technology]

The translation of this book required not only language but also knowledge and experience as a data scientist, but it was realized because Inoue, who is active as a data scientist of our company, continued to study translation while working. Did.Inoue started studying translation in 2011 and studied under Hayato Uesugi, the co-translator of this book.I participated in the translation of this book with the voice of Mr. Uesugi.

■ Comment from Inoue

The translation proceeded with the cooperation of our company Umemoto and Kiyomasa, but it took a longer period of time than expected.Since its release, readers have been happy to say, "I felt that it was a very cost-effective book because it covered the knowledge necessary for data scientists and also showed the code for skill acquisition."・ Examples in a wide range of fields such as economy, sports, and daily life served as a bridge to understanding, and I was able to read it with excitement until the end. ”I feel the significance of this book again.

Translator Inoue Kowashi, Customer Success Business Headquarters

Inoue's comments can also be viewed from the postscript of the translator below.

In this blog, we talked about how our employees are playing an active role in other fields by making use of the knowledge they have gained in their work. The "Business Data Science Textbook" is a good book for those who want to become a data scientist and those who want to get an overview of data science, including technical aspects.

For more information on books and to purchase, please visit the Subarusha website.

You can also see the author's interview video from the following site.

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